In Part 2 of this 4 part series, Dr. Greer covers, amongst others things:

– The Correlation between so-called Siddhis or Vedic powers in consciousness and ET technological abilities such as levitation, bi-locations , remote viewing, teleportation , materialization / dematerialization and more

– The Higher States of Consciousness – beyond Cosmic Consciousness to Unity Consciousness and beyond…

– How ET Technology Assisted Consciousness systems work

– How ET Consciousness Assisted Technologies operate

– The future phases of human civilization predicated on its progression through higher states of consciousness

– The stages of Conscious Evolution as we move from the current state of the world to a Level One peaceful civilization and into a new time of Enlightenment on Earth.

– What does Earth and human society look like in 500,000 years: The Vision of a World both enlightened and inter-stellar that is emerging all around us.

…and much more, all covered with simplicity by Dr. Steven Greer.

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Sirius Disclosure


This is the REAL Sirius Disclosure youtube channel, owned and operated by Dr. Steven M. Greer. The Earth has been visited by advanced interstellar civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. They use energy propulsion systems that can bring us to a new era. For over 25 years, Dr. Greer has been working to share this information with the world.

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