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  • Omar was paid by Sorosism and NWO as was most of the left in Congress, large cities, colleges. The k out what Soros and Merkel, etc., are doing through their organizations, media to destroy our freedom.

  • Planned Parenthood is a business! Pro-life people are bad for business!
    Remember feminists, that half of those babies are female. Where is your protection of women there!
    This woman is the poster child for the police state, and is one of the most racist people in this government.

  • moslems do not get abortions they are not allowed !!!! and they don't want to ,but they want YOU to stop reproducing ! WHO AND WHY IS LISTENING TO HER ! SHE WANT YOU TO DO WHAT SHE WOULD NEVER because she is not speaking she is reading she is lieing that's why she sounds the same always …THEY WANT YOU WHITE ASIAN JEW LATINO OFF THIS PLANET

  • I think I could put my finger on it.
    You have to look at the statistics of who is it that is a boarding their babies? what's their ethnic background?
    I guarantee you Muslim is not top three.

  • Omar speaks with the cadence of one who is sanctimonious condescending and above all arrogant. She is a loathsome I'll-mannered backwards baboon. I've been around Somalis here in Minnesota and never encountered one who spoke with this distinctly clipped pattern. Rehearsed comes to mind.

  • NASA is searching for Life any form of life whatever it may be off this planet.
    If any was found they would be cheering popping corks off champagne bottles.
    So why aren't these Blobs of unique DNA that is growing that will one day be as you and I are…. considered life to these women and some men?
    These people are truly sick.

  • she is laying in place a way how to kill enough of the infant population so over time and i mean the end goal is to outbreed, outpopulate, convert or kill non muslims.
    She has got access to inside goverment documents. havnt you learned from the feinsteins chinese spy and all the documents and equipment in home garages that were sent to pakistan by imran awan.
    If the house isnt cleaned up we are all in trouble.
    God bless everyone 🙏🎚

  • FINALLY!! A media outlet uses the correct terminology!!!

    🇺🇸🇺🇸Republican Government Article 4, Section 4, U.S. Constitution🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • An activist judge issued an injunction. WTF does a judge know about cleanliness at a healthcare facility? Nothing, obviously. Talk about putting an agenda above people's lives.
    Also, the director stated that the State was weaponizing regulations against her clinic. LOL! Isn't that what leftists have been doing against any legitimate business or entity that disagrees with them? And why isn't planned parenthood required to report statistics on race, gender, etc on the babies it kills?

  • Abortion is the equivalent of children passing through the fire in the Old Testament. Abortion is the demoncrats child sacrifice to satan in this age. If abortion goes away you can bet satan is NOT going to like the demoncrats. Satan gave the Dems money, fame, and power. Will he want it back? Will he consume the dems, let's hope so…

  • If "murdering" a baby can be rationalized into being accepted by society, then any action no matter how vile can be deemed acceptable. If it can be deemed okay to kill a baby, then killing an adult would be the lesser of evils. Throwing gays off the roof of buildings would be the lesser of evils. Slavery would be the lesser of evils. Of course people who live in the real world where morals actually do exist, know that all of it is evil and any grey areas of measured severity is nothing more than another rationalization. Killing is wrong. Slavery is wrong and it is wrong not because we deem it to be wrong but instead because the very acts of killing or enslavement is a violation of the rights of the individual and a violation of that individual's self-ownership. A baby is 100% dependent on it's mother whether inside or outside the womb and it's still an individual life regardless of it's level of dependency.

  • How evil is it to kill millions of innocent lives that have no say about what will happen to them and then flood the country with 80million illegals and force Americans to pay for their health care and everything else.
    This has genocide written all over it.

  • Islam prohibits abortion, jihadis Omar just pretend to be for abortion, her reason allow American woman abort, is exterminate infidels before they’re borne. And you can’t tell she is socialist, because all socialists are atheists they never would convert to Islam, so they also infidels. This woman and rest of radical Muslims think they are superior power and they should rule the world. It was big mistake give her congressional power. And this is just the beginning.

  • omar is for it because it isn't the majority of moslemettes getting abortions because they do 'jihad by pooping out more jihadists' and that is the only way that islam grows – they don't tell you that because they might be taken off of the massive numbers of them on welfare. We pay for their polygamous marriages and their numerous kids. She wants non-moslems to kill their babies. And as for racism, hateful, and intolerant – it is about time ALL news media peoples start cracking open Islamic texts and read them and then start looking at what they 'pray'! It is hateful, intolerant and quite a bit of it about killing, torturing, raping, enslaving us… for that allah-thing of theirs.

  • @OAN … re: Ilhan Omar – As you know, she is Muslim by religion. Consequently, one can safely deduce from the practice of Islam that this religion does not respect the sanctity of life and, of course, does not esteem the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the basic precept of right to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Congressperson Omar does not respect the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution or the fundamental right to life. I would not expect any more or less from her than this lunacy given her religious background..

  • She speaks with the mouth of an a**. She's full of hatred and a liar of Satan. Remove her from Congress. She should not be there. She is a racist also. Any abortion is murder.

  • Women have reproductive rights, use birth control or keep your legs together. It's time to stop taking out adult indiscretions on babies, because they have rights too.

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