• Suzzanne, My name is Lauryn. Do you have any advice for me, i'm in a place where i feel stuck, since 2012 when i was 17/18 years old i started becoming ill/sick very slowly. It was so little I thought maybe it's because my family never really had food and when they did it was food that my soul hated. Nevertheless as time progressed it became worse. Around the time i left college which was about 4 years ago I got very ill so much so that I am bed ridden most of the time. I just turned 24 yesterday. I've tried getting a job before but i was to ill… So despite not trusting doctors, with my Dad's pressure, I went to them and they said they didn't find anything. My Dad and I are not close, and he and others in my family don't believe me except my beloved sister who shares a room with me she's seen first hand and puts up with illness i have. She also works for both of us, paying my dad rent and buying our necessities. I feel useless in a way, but she has a very pure attitude and amendmently does not want me to try and work. I feel in my spirit as well that i should not be working a normal job either. It is hard for me to say this because i know what society's perception of me would be but I can only live my truth….Anyways, I really need advice. I don't know what to do to get better. I'm stuck in my room 24/7. There's no nature around me. Everything is super far and I have to support or connection to those who could drive me to nature.

  • Thanks for the water reminder Suzanne. I'm off to get some.
    I tried to reply to Lauren but I'm not able to. Is that something you enable from your end Suzanne Bertolas QShi

Suzanne Bertolas QShi


Suzanne Bertolas is the founder of Qshi - Quantum Soul Healing Integration She facilitates in person and remote sessions, and teacher her healing method to those who feel guided to learn her work. https://www.qshsuzannebertolas.com Holy Fire Reiki Master, intuitive, healer, singer/songwriter and Author. She works directly with the Angelic Realm in her healing practice and channels clear cut messages when she offers Angel Intuitive readings for clients. Suzanne created her channel as an extension of her website https://www.suzannebertolas.com to help those who are...

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