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  • this meditation is so powerful, thank you so much for sharing. AA Michael came through right away, and could feel the energy and the warmth from Jesus and Mother Mary. So very healing and much needed. It also reminded me how much I miss thunderstorms and the rain. Much love and gratitude

  • Absolutely loved this healing meditation! I have always loved rain storms. I live in a quiet rustic area, and was inclined to open the window before I began. Granted it is freezing in PA now. Lol. It was an amazing healing. I felt a beautiful energy all around me. Thank you so very much!❤️

  • Strong tingly sensation in legs, feet and hands 🙂 Well done! When you talked about connecting to Mother Earth she came through strongly right away! Loved it! Thanks for sharing! 🤗

Suzanne Bertolas QShi


Suzanne Bertolas is the founder of Qshi - Quantum Soul Healing Integration She facilitates in person and remote sessions, and teacher her healing method to those who feel guided to learn her work. Holy Fire Reiki Master, intuitive, healer, singer/songwriter and Author. She works directly with the Angelic Realm in her healing practice and channels clear cut messages when she offers Angel Intuitive readings for clients. Suzanne created her channel as an extension of her website to help those who are...

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