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  • I agree with a lot of what you said I’m a Vietnam veteran I have PTSD with MST and that is military sexual trauma I held that for 40+ years and I became more spiritual now that I realize I could forgive them and that only happened when I for gave myself for carrying the burden of the heat even after the forgiveness you have to forgive yourself the hardest

  • Have a look at what Dan Winters has to say about your heart, your DNA, and sound waves! Seriously, do it. There's a lot of science and theory, ad he's brilliant at getting it across in simple terms. I've already related this subject with it and it makes all of this count more.

  • I want the type of relationship with Jesus and God that he was talking about. I, too, could sit and listen to Michael Tyrell all day.

  • I've done the 21 day trial and it's life changing! I needed this 30 years ago! Believe me, this is absolutely the best thing I have happened to me in years! Doug, I first heard of this on your show and now a miracle. Thank you for having this saint Michael Tyrell on your show. God bless us all, everyone!

  • What a WONDERFUL message from Pastor Lankford! His messages are ALWAYS FULL of passages from God's Holy Word! And THAT is how it should be! I want to be fed with God's Word, NOT what some (so called) "pastor" thinks about a couple verses from somewhere in God's Holy Word.

  • The old Testament is judaism, the new Testament was written by Christians. God said he plugs out all the Israelis who do not belive in Jesus and plug the Christians in. so the covenant is in the root not in the plug ins.
    Remember the king with the vineyard, he sent his servants to collect the rent, they beat them and sent them away.
    So he sent his Son and they said, let us kill him and keep the vineyard.
    He asked: What will the king do with the vineyard? He will take it away and give it to somebody else.

  • Wow, great video, Michael is a great guest!! Spiritually revealing another simple truth we all overlook. I've received the voice of the Creator, it's absolutely true, you cannot deny the voice that penetrates your very being once heard. And it is definitely not a frequency used by any other thing existing in our realm. The Lord always works in small, simple means, to confound the wise & the prudent (as to the wisdom of men).

  • You are not Christina but murders on native Indians until today,so you are after your father the devil the murderer and worshippers of idols of consumption,so you are bloody dogs onto judgment day where natives will rise in jesus name. But you go in hell becose Jesus were were just a business.

  • You are not Christians but murders of Jesus commandments,that is why you murdered native people and here you are on Indian land,does Jesus said "go and invade and kill and consume ?no, but you as cannibals swollow all things and unborn humans until today,so death to new americans in hell.

  • WOW!!!! Such an awesome interview! Living in faith changes EVERYTHING. 😊 I so enjoyed hearing the coffee shop story. So funny! I'm definitely going to buy your product for my house and office. There is bad energy flowing through my office. I'm just going to place the device in my cubical and not tell anyone its there. I would like to see how the energy changes in an office (work) environment.

  • Michael Tyrell summed it up completely!  Many answers for the things I needed to understand.  He speaks the total truth and is so very aware!  Thanks to him for this episode of the Hagmann report. I now get it!  A wise man!

  • What about when u meet someone and immediately u feel sick to ur stomach? I like the no cussing, i hate the cussing and i do it when angry, especially in traffic and listening to lefties.

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