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  • I don't trust any mediated reality. I trust real life. Tune out the movies, tune out the television, tune out the video games, tune out the news… go for a walk, go for a hike, go for a bike ride, and connect to real life.

  • Wow. I guess it is time to unplug. I am 50 years old and I won't be a passenger in a "self-driving car." I won't be using any headset to look at a virtual world.

    And yes, what are we looking at when we are looking at our screens. What is really there and why is it so important that we ignore everything else (including children, spouses, other cars on the road) just to look at the black screen.

    This is so sad and I am wondering if anyone realizes that they are making a choice to go along with this agenda.

  • The modern day skeptic movement is a cult based on the appearance of objectivity and battling strawmen. Take that away from them and what you have is a collection of useful idiots that will willingly battle UFO nuts on Youtube and have their deluded followers beat up conservatives for seemingly no reason, but are silent to government abuse of power and other genuine issues brushed off as 'conspiracy'.

  • I'm sick of hearing we are, and live in a computer simulation. Feels like programming to me. Walking by faith and not by sight is really taking on a new dynamic.

  • Things have never been what they seemed, but now more so than ever. Could it be that this could be the very thing that would push people to make the ultimate decision about who they really are, spiritually? From the very depths of our souls, we will have to Define that, because what we see, what we hear, not at all what we think it might be.

    Missed you too. Patiently awaiting your next film.


  • didn’t watch this video but how can you be all with the “truth” then bring jesus and christianity into it?

  • Imagine if "THEY" wanted to set someone up for child molestation etc. ?
    I knew this stuff was actually ready years ago, it's the timing of it – Uranus moves into Taurus…
    The Sex bots that look like kids sound like them – it's still Pedophilia, right! I guess "Furries" aren't considered "Bestiality , but….?
    Fucked up
    Pedo-Technocracy bullshit

    RIP Dave McGowan

  • Thank you both for what u are doing- your videos are incredible. In a world where we are being constantly censored, your channel is one of a few left that is like a beacon of light in an ever growing darkness that surrounds us.

  • It'll be awesome, everyone will have the same 6 foot square living space, yet be able to roam the world. Go visit friends and never have to leave the safety of their jail cell o crap I mean living quarters. Just imagine all the lonely shy people will be able to have a meaningful VR relationship.

  • I just hope most of U hoo watch all theez prophetik preeveeuslee spoken wurds in Skriptur.
    There is still a beautiful trhead of God'z majestik orkestrashun of Hiz initial plan 2 fulfil Hiz wil!,,, & that iz Y

  • I just watched an episode of twilight zone a few nights ago. the episode was about a man being put on an meteorite to serve out a prison sentence, eventually being given a woman version A.I. robot to keep him company. at first, the man wanted nothing to do with the robot, he considered it a lie or a trick, because it looked and sounded just like a human, it had feelings and emotions just like a human, but it was still just a cold machine. he ended up falling in love with it, just before his sentence was pardoned and he was allowed to return to earth but couldnt take the robot with him. so basically, they were preparing people for these "transhumans" back in the 50's.

  • The thing is, we all have the option to believe whatever we want to believe. True or not. If we believe “it” to be true, then in our minds, “it” is true! I just hope everyone chooses to believe in something good….weather it’s real (true) or not, and as long as it’s not hurting anyone!!! 🤷‍♂️ in saying that… what does it matter what you believe? As long as you’re happy healthy and being a good neighbor/human!!! I choose this!! -> ✌️❤️😁


  • Can you imagine the psyops and false flags that they cannot wait to apply this technology to? This could be used for so much wonderful things, but alas, the people who hold all the cards can never be trusted to do anything that would just be good for humanity. This saddens me.

  • This is the future they want for everyone. Transgenderism leading us into transhumanism. You can be a man or a woman or neither or both or an animal. Nothing is real, nothing is a true (except what the authority declares to be truth).

  • What if the current technology which is 50 years ahead is re-writing history, currently named the Mandela Effect, editing our past and current reality.

  • WOW!! Brings to mind what the bible states in Revelation regarding "the IMAGE of the Beast"!! It says that people will worship "the image of the Beast". hmmm…..

  • So glad you're well Melissa. Have prayed for you. 2 Thessolonians 2:11 says that God Himself will send them (unbelievers) a great deception so that they will believe the lie. Why? Vs 10 explains it. No one, except demons, could have conjured this stuff up. Keep the faith everyone…endure til the end.

  • And yet, the reality is; that Elon Musk will die just like we all do and it doesn't matter how virtual they get, humans nor fallen angels will ever create life…

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