Mike Bara is a New York Times Bestselling author, lecturer and TV personality whose books have sold over 70,000 copies worldwide. He began his writing career after spending more than 25 years as an engineering designer/consultant for major aerospace companies, where he was a card-carrying member of the Military/Industrial complex. A self-described “Born Again conspiracy theorist,” Mike’s first book “Dark Mission-The Secret History of NASA” was a New York Times bestseller from Feral House in 2007. His 2nd book, “The Choice,” which concerns theories about Hyper-dimensional physics, planetary formation, conscious thought and how they relate to the Mayan Calendar, Hopi prophecies and the current era of dramatic change, was published in by New Page Books 2010.
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In 2012, Mike published “Ancient Aliens on the Moon” from Adventures Unlimited Press, a new in-depth study of artificial structures on the Moon and the secrets it has held for millions of years. In 2013, Mike returned with” Ancient Aliens on Mars,” also from Adventures Unlimited Press, which examines the hidden history of Mars and the vast, ancient civilization which once flourished there. In 2014, he published his 5th book, “Ancient Aliens on Mars II,” also for Adventures Unlimited Press. In 2015, he returned with “Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies,” which reveals the link between fraternal organizations like the Freemasons and the Ancient Alien presence on Earth.

In the Fall of 2016, Adventures Unlimited published Mike’s 7th book, “Hidden Agenda: NASA and the Secret Space Program,” which examines what real evidence exists for a privately funded space program operating behind the façade of the official public space program.

In 2017, Mike published his first novel, “Lightbringer,” an X-Files styled thriller about a NASA based secret societies’ attempt to create a world-wide catastrophic event in order to seize power.
In 2018, Mike will return to the world of non-fiction with “Ancient Aliens and JFK: The Race to the Moon and the Kennedy Assassination,” which will examine the new Kennedy documents and how they point to JFKs knowledge of the alien presence on Earth as the real reason behind the president’s murder.

Mike has made numerous public appearances lecturing on the subjects of space science, NASA, physics, UFOs and the link between science and spirit, and has been a featured guest on radio programs like Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. He is a regular contributor to the television programs Ancient Aliens (over 35 appearances), America’s Book of Secrets and Hangar-1.
Mike has recently starred in an alien investigation reality show for the Discovery networks called “Uncovering Aliens.” So far, Uncovering Aliens has been shown on the Science Channel, Animal Planet, American Heroes and Destination America networks, and is being show extensively in Europe and South America.

Most recently Mike appeared on NBC/Universal’s SyFy Network on the special Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed, alongside NASA astronaut and American hero Buzz Aldrin. The show was based primarily on his 2012 book Ancient Aliens on the Moon.


  • what's up Mike! You're a stud Mike you Richard Dolan Linda Moulton Howe there's a short list of you hyper legit researchers out there who are still legit and not taking those six pence rattling in the pocket thank you Mike. when we lost Jim marrs and put a hell of a vacuum in the community I'm going to put some content on my channel this week I had a channel years ago same name and I took it down when my family was getting threatened but I recreated it only got two or three subscribers but I'm going to try to bridge the gap between good guys like you and the people who do anomaly hunting I'm going to try to do something in the middle and even try to get some interviews and things I'm going to go all out and teach my kids how to do this anyways I want to say you're an inspiration brother and if I buy one of your books and mail it to you could you autograph it for me? because I want to frame it and put it in my I library of really cool things. if you charge anything I will send it and I don't mind money is tight but it would be so worth it anyways be safe brother and thanks for delivering the truth

  • Mike I have an urgent message. I have a theory about this video. Me and you and some researchers need to dig into this guy's background perhaps do a bit of research. this gentleman talking and you see the angle? does it look familiar? this was supposed to be the modern-day Abraham zapruder. I want to go and check his background links Etc and see if we can find an apparatus of a prior conspiracy to assassination of you-know-who, if we can find that apparatus we can go to case that this was what you say it was an attempt.. I don't even like saying it it's such a horrible thing. this was supposed to be the zapruder film Mike

  • damn Mike that Russian video is compelling. I think I can see where someone was ejected dot-dot-dot see Russia is more free than we are America would have Photoshop and censored marks all over that just like they do with the NASA photos I think the luna cccp photos of the Moon are the only legit dark side pictures we have far side you know what I mean

  • Being out of cat food "can't be tolerated." 😂 yeah, they're loved! Please give Sebastian a hug for me.
    I'm in love with black cats. 🐱💕

  • that's definitely Carolyn bessette-kennedy I definitely agree 100% hey when they were bringing in Justice kavanaugh and they had that retarded woman and they were going through that nonsensical hearing, have you seen some of the videos people put up saying that that blasey Ford lady was kavanaugh and dragged or vice versa I think the deep State and I think the powers that be want to fuck with us and they get off on pulling shit like that those two are the same people man I know it sounds crazy but Justice kavanaugh and his accuser are the same person

  • one last thing Vincent fusca that's a compelling case about JFK jr., the only thing I can't get around is that big honking nose Vincent fuska has he's got that big fat sprawling nostril nose almost a sub-Saharan breadth on it

  • Hey Mike, use Firefox with Adblock+ for your stream presentations. The Google browser has more holes in it than Win10. I haven't seen an ad since before 2011 and it's like spring 1997 on the web all the time.

  • I agree, the Federal reserve is the biggest economic scam ever perpetrated. As long as we own the Petrol Dollar we can appoint or create anyone to do what the federal reserve does.

  • I believe, IMHO… Vincent Fusca was strategically placed behind Trump at those rallies for a reason. Then when rumor got around, and it blew up the internet, they thought they should pull him back for the time being. But it placed that thought in the minds of Patriots.
    Q answered Yes to the question for "plans for after Trump"…
    Possibly JFK Jr is their plan?

Mike Bara


Mike Bara began his writing career after spending more than 25 years as an engineering designer for major aerospace companies, where he was a card-carrying member of the Military/Industrial complex. A self-described “Born Again conspiracy theorist,” Mike’s first book “Dark Mission-The Secret History of NASA” was a New York Times bestseller in 2007.

The latest book from Mike Bara: Ancient Aliens & JFK: The Race to the Moon and the Kennedy Assassination

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