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  • Nope ! We sure don’t need defined boundaries here in the South 🤦🏼‍♀️ because… we wouldn’t want to create an obstacle for the hordes of people headed our way 😳

  • Ganggus khon got rid alot of them. He just about took them all out in hes reign. Look at history.. I know I didnt spell hes name right but who knows about him know what I'm talking about

  • Those poor kids, totally brainwashed just because their family wants money…!! Doesn't the CIA/ FBI and even any Soros organizations should have a list of them already? Follow the money….People should call the FBI.

  • All towel heads need to leave usa soil TODAY! First mistake was the first mosque being built on our land!! Those camel jockeys have no intent to assimilate to our values but rather intend to behead or kill all of us! And don't put them in our jails here where we have to watch them convert all the other convicts. They need to be flown back to their country and the plane needs to have a door malfunction while over the ocean!!!
    wake up America!!

  • They've KNOWN about these "camps" scattered throughout America. Since before obarfbag was in office. Theres over 100 of them. They dont care about them. They WANT shit to happen so they can LOCK OUR COUNTRY DOWN. MARTIAL LAW. If they ACTUALLY cared about us, THEY WOULD SHUT THEM ALLLLLL DOWN. but they wont. They dont actually have our safety at heart anymore in this country. What a shame

  • The terror training camps have been here for decades in the FBI knows it. Pretending now that they just discovered something is just another FBI hoax like Russia

  • This is partly due to Hussein and him bringing 1000s of Islamic state terrorists into America. And another reason why we don't need, or want Islam in America…they look Somali. Think Omar

  • There is another compound in Hancock NY being protected by gov officials!! Wake the fuck up!! If anything happens, any official that defended them should be charged as an acomplice to terrorism!!!

  • Well how about this they better hope to know the militia ever find out where these camps are cuz it won't be good for governments not going to do nothing here and American people are going to sit on her ass and watch TV all day long and buy into the narrative that this is all great we're all going to end up dead remember we better not ever find out where these people are cuz the American people will act ourselves we need to stop this God bless our great country America God bless our President Donald J Trump and God bless all our troops serving in the military

  • So where are all the good old boys who knew this was happening in their back yards? Drinking beer and going mudding while these terrorists plan on how they will rape and murder the good old boys families? Guess what yall…..the war has already started and your doing nothing but waiting for the war to begin?

  • I have been saying that this is the real reason why DEMS have been pushing ILLEGALS to get in this country — they are training them to overthrow the government . . . and if their political tactics with their muslim counterparts in CONGRESS, and all the propaganda with the fake medium does not work — then they have no other course but my an internal military coup!

  • Remember, the State must have dropped the charges so that the Feds can swoop in. I believe that some of them had federal charges levied against them once the State dropped the case. I am kinda trusting the Feds at this point now since Trump is in charge. Some of the Blue States? Not at all.

  • Who caused this?? You guessed it the Obama administration and there are thousands of places like this. Remember that's the religion(Radical Islam) peace. What do you'll think about the video, in Philadelphia with the children talking about CHOPPING🔪🔪 OFF THE HEADS of the AMERICAN🇺🇸 PEOPLE? As they refer to us as INFIDELS 😡. Those two Muslim women in Congress who do you think they represent?? Get your GUNS, HENNESSY, FOOD and FIRST AID ready.

  • Welcome to the new Muslim country of the usa man the Democratic have to go we are going to be fighting for our lives within the next two years maybe less. Who do you think is coming in not medicine terrorists

  • From Alabama and it wasn’t to long ago Obamer wanted to place people in the closed military bases and one of the bases was in Montgomery about 10-15 minutes from Tuskegee. What are the odds??

  • Okay, I can't be the only one here who thinks that the dude at 3:15 looks like no name. Wasn't he supposed to be executed? A relative or clone perhaps?

  • God will bless states like Alabama with protection from what’s to come if they continue to stand upon His Word and against atrocities like abortion. May they continue to hold fast to the way and the light Jesus Christ

  • In northern Michigan there are Muslim compounds where they stop cars and talk to people threatening them to turn around and go home if they do not live in the area.

  • the fbi itself is a terrorist organization…. WAKE UP PEOPLE… they ain't protecting ANYONE… this is probably one of their sites about to be exposed so they run a cover story as if they found some 'TRAINING CAMP'…. bullshit.



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