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Pelosi Releases Statement After Mueller’s Presser – Accuses DOJ of ‘Holding Trump Above the Law’ – Floats Impeachment


  • Bob reminds me of Colin Powell trying to persuade people that a space of Iraqi sand was evidence of WMD. He later described that as the worst time of his life. Bob sounded equally tired, unconvinced, wishing for release, yet powerless to escape.

  • Mueller does a last effort attack, to fool low IQ Voters and as usual… Trump and Barr do nothing about anything. Is this all theatre?

  • I have autoplay on. Usually when you end something else I like starts. Now when you end I get MSNBC and CNN even though I've vehemently expressed my dislike for those channels to YouTube

  • Mueller needs to be subpoenaed and Nadler needs to be sued/ impeached and indicted for all of his defamation of character & slander statements as well as support of these criminal treasonous Democrats

  • after watching Mueller's speech a few times, it seems to me someone else wrote it and his uneasiness is because he's seeing for the first time. how else would Naddy-boy have such a nicely scripted response. Mueller was just a tool to continue the BS against trump and the admin. Their day of reckoning is coming!

  • It's possible Mueller is baiting them to impeach before Dclass comes out. Especially if Barr has found a smoking gun. I doubt it, but it's possible.

  • Yeah…tool of the deep state. When you fish you adjust drag and let the fish run a little or it can break the line..this allows them to pull some more line out but it tires them out eventually. Trump is just catching more fish..MAGA

  • I for one, am glad Robert Mueller held his press conference. He was exposed as a Black Hat. He was never a White Hat. He carried water for the Demoncrats….green lighted impeachment. Nadler, Waters, Pelosi, Schumer and that RINO will lose.

  • This great awakening is the answers democrats are looking for how it got started and how Trump is connected it driving them bat shit crazy 😜 they just can’t admit Q exist because it would send the whole world in search of Q

  • For an ex marine this was a reprehensible & cowardly way to conclude this nonsense by failing to have the conviction & character to provide a definitive answer & confuse the American citizens by simply play for time. An absolute disgrace to the USMC. Sold out political patsy!

  • Mueller isn’t going to be able to walk off into the sunset quite yet. When Barr has the evidential facts on how the Mueller investigation was knowingly run and based on FlimFlam, the Senate will have a number of questions for the man.

  • Is Mules voice always that shaky? Does he have a reading disorder? Going public and exercising this huge Cover My Ass presentation makes me wonder why didn't he just stay quiet? Repeating something already stated seems redundant doesn't it? Something smells really bad with this "skit". It isn't SNL.

  • As Christian's…We need to continue to pray for our President, his family and our nation! We know God is in control, Evil will Not win!!! He God has placed Trump in the presidential seat that the corrupt government will be bought out into the open for all to see, if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

    2 Chronicles 7:14

  • Lies! Lies! Lies! That was the main goal of the Mueller press release. The actual results are still the same: NO collusion, NO obstruction! As for Nadler saying that NO one is above the law, THAT will come back to haunt him.

  • Their point : Obstruction is about asking to fire Mueller by Trump. But what people miss, another Special Counselor would have been appointed. He would have been replaced and the special counsel would continue. So, no obstruction.

  • Thanks for the video!!!!!! Just a note to everyone, You Tube deleted all my subscriptions and my video purchases and I have no way to contact them or get my purchases back. Beware

  • I've been away from Youtube (and the Internet) and have missed my Q news. When I was last on, Mueller & Trump were working together to bust up the Dems & the Peds and arrest under 60,000 sealed indictments. Now it looks like Mueller and Trump are on opposite sides, I can't find anything about the sealed indictments at all or anything about the arrests or military trials. I last read/listened to reports about Gitmo being upgraded to receive more prisoners. Did they get them? Who got arrested? What's happening?

  • "Where Russian citizens posed as Americans…"-Bob Mueller.
    Yeah Bob, it's almost as if it's the WORLD WIDE WEB. Where people from different countries have opinions and post things. If would be Hitlery voters were taken in by some swami Russians who then persuaded them to vote for Trump instead perhaps voting is the least of their problems…

  • John Podesta's emails have NEVER been disputed. Perhaps, FOR ONCE, people should actually look what is inside those emails. If they aren't heinous, then how could the release of these emails hurt the DNC?!?

  • Honestly, I don't know how much me, the people, and the world can take of these despicable bastards, and the EPIC leVel, of crimes, they'Ve committed against America, it's Citizens, and the world.
    Every single one of these TRAITORS deserve a firing squad. Period. Their co conspirators in Fake News too.
    "A Traitor's Justice"
    WWG1WGA 🙏 🇺🇲🌎 🌏🌍

  • Arguing with today’s democrats makes no sense they are all lifelong political criminals they project all their corruption on trump who has never been in government and haven’t done anything wrong it’s a huge lie and they act like people are stupid and will go along with this stupidity.

  • This Q thing is sounding more and more like another faction of the Deep State spreading their bullshite propaganda. If Trump is such a good guy, why is he sooo friendly with Israel and will start, what, several wars? He could stop the Yemen war, he could help Venezuela if he wanted to, but no he wants to hurt people instead.


  • No one….is above the law. I hope they play that statement by Nadler over and over, piped in stereo to every cell in that special "resort" prepared from them.

  • Mueller you were a a great Marine with a Bronze Star. What happen to your oath of an officer in the Corp ??? How much did they have to pay you to dishonor your service and standing of being a Marine officer ???? I am ashamed to call you a fellow Marine. What happen to Semper Fi ??? May God have mercy on your soul. I will never think of you again as a Marine Corp officer.
    I dont know about everyone else but i am sick of this whole pile of SH*T they are dumping on us. I have waited since '70 for justice to come to these deep state scum. I am not sure how much longer I can stomach this garbage any longer. I am ready to take to the streets to protests this garbage. I pray Q does something soon as I cant take it any more. I would rather go join my brothers in heaven than put up with this junk any more as I have seen too much and had to stand down to long. Good luck to the next generation if this does not end soon. I will keep my oath for as long as I can but I cant take much more of this evil that is in the world. Tired of tracking down these sick satanist and their crimes. I AM DONE.

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