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Report date: 03.13.2019

A new report was released from the Fed, the report shows that Millennial’s are in more debt than any other generation and most don’t even own a home. US banks are reporting billions of unrealized losses on security investments, when the market goes down the banks are going to implode. When countries want to use their gold, the [CB] is going to tell them know you cannot because it doesn’t belong to the people. Trump begins to educate the American public, the borrowing and spending must come to an end.

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Intro Music: YouTube Free Music: Warrior Strife by Jingle Punks

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  • No I wouldn't borrow 5 trillion to break the central bank. I would do executive order gold and silver is now money. Simple. Trump is not going after the central bank. He's an enabler.

  • Government debt is vastly different from family debt. A family cannot legally print currency to pay off their debts. Governments can. There is no comparison at all between the two. I don't know why people make such an absurd comparison. The real question is: how can a government be in debt when it can print up as much currency as it pleases to pay off debts?

  • I’ve been squawking to anyone who will listen, for years now. All about the Central bank and the sleazy way they’ve been undermining our country. Maybe just maybe! Now people will stop and take a look. God speed and god bless

  • ((They)) dont have allegiance to any certain country because they've been kicked out of Every country they ever tried to settle in. Because of their Satanic practices. Like Usury. Wickedness to children. Identity manipulation. . Now these Talmudists are 'giving us' 5G. SAME people running the Central Banks & Fed., who refuse to even Try 5G in israel. Trump wont have these 'safe', & faster, microwave frequencies at his Maralago Golf course & estate, either. What a Huge SACRIFICE he's making.

  • The number of attempts made to wrestle control from the Rothschilds has been often and well strategized and it failed….they are sneaky, ugly and vengeful. They ruin everyone who goes against them….this better decimate them completely and totally. If they come back, we will need to shoot on sight! They are rabid animals.

  • LIE. If Trump wanted to educate the people about the federal reserve he would cite the constitution and recite how fiat currency is illegal.

  • Dave, you’re a shill for Trump and world banks. Your justifications of trumps actions are baseless and moronic. If Trump wanted to get rid of the FED, all he would need to do is ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION!!!!

  • For a while, I thought you were right about this mostly happening after the 2020 election, but I think it’s happening now actually. And I’m not alone. I literally think we have a month or two before the economy does reset stuff.

  • Less upvotes everyday. I guess the mass overdoses of hopium are catching up to Dave's delusions of grandeur and folks are finally realizing they've been duped and waking up to chaos they've allowed to manifest while they sat online waiting for an imaginary Superman created by the enemy to save them.

  • If Jr/ Sr High school did their jobs, kids would be better prepared! Parents don’t parent anymore. Where do we rank in the world in Education? School all year long / pay teachers more / Charter schools in the poorest neighborhoods / no drivers license without passing grades.

  • I have a difficult time thinking people aren't sheep, when after decades of saying everything in this video about debt, most still do not understand it.

    What if this is all just a reset show? One side is playing good cop, the other playing bad cop to figure out who is awake so they can more easily be rounded up? What if the "sealed indictments" are for "patriots"? Is there really anything anyone believes these people are incapable of? Everyone is sitting around with popcorn reading Q drops when they round them up and take them to the Wal-Mart fema camps. I can honestly envision it both ways.

  • Remember when Obama was saying the industries were leaving the country? Remember when he was really pushing college? He knew it would drive up the national debt. Unless you are close to the top in your class, you won't find a job in your college major. No job and in big debt.

  • All Roads Lead to the booming Economy right now are the unsustainable delusion, Only the Economic thoughts and advice of Dr Ron Paul that
    will safely rescue the US Economy in the medium and long run, Trump should sacrifice the illicit part of the coming meltdown ( the short-run ).

  • What makes the student loan debt even worse is that most of those degrees are completely useless…

    I mean, (let's face it) these are Not mostly engineers they are turning out these days, and a very small percentage of these degrees are for useful skills that any employer will even consider valuable for anything.
    (unless you are the one who is issuing student loans for a living)

  • The only good worker of iniquity is a DEAD ONE [ such as Zionist & those who would take the guns FROM THOSE WHO HAVE A RIGHT TO HAVE THEM /bush/clinton/obama/trump/pompeo/bolton/a.a.c./evil cops/politicians /banksters /religious leaders/Killary/ Podesta/ Cumo/de Blasio & the n.y.s. senate . The Righteous have work to do ! AND i MIGHT ADD WE NEED TO BE AS OR MORE PERSISTENCE THEN A ROACH to complete this task! ~Maranatha~

  • Arrest the Rothchilds and the rest of these criminal bankers, try them for crimes against humanity, and confiscate all their wealth. Go back to Gold and Silver backed currency. MAGA🇱🇷

  • Italy "We use our peoples gold".
    Central bank "You mean our gold?"
    Italy "We gave it to you to hold, to keep safe".
    Central bank "You gave it to us, period".
    Italy "Give it back".
    Central bank "Give what back?"
    Italy "We sue you".
    Central bank "We own the courts".
    Italy "We fight you".
    Central bank "With what, we pay your military".
    Italy "We kick you out of our country".
    Central bank "You mean OUR country".

    Yep, thats a central bank system alright.

  • I had a recruiter call me the other day and he offered me a job. I’m already employed by some robber barrons but I played along just to see what he would offer.

    He said he was offering a data center hardware engineer position (I.t) for 40k a year. I laughed and said how can he offer that with a straight face and he said you don’t have a college degree.

    So yeah, apparently to the corporate shills, a degree is important. But what I really think is that they low ball people who then won’t accept. Then they can say they can’t find any Americans , then they can justify getting an h1b Indian.

  • Gold Standard? We can still exchange fiat money from any country, including America, for gold. Yes their is a premium of a few percent, but you can still exchange dollars for gold! I think that gold standard statement is mumble jumbo.

  • If you people think Trump is going to change things, you are probably right! But, Trump is either duped or complicit in the change that is going to take us into a one world currency. Trump and Jared Kushner are in lock step with the Sanhedrin and Orthodox Jews of the Israeli Government, and who is behind Israel since the beginning? The Rothschilds set up the current state called Israel. So, all of this crap is total BS, oh, he may have a lot of his facts right, but his excitement about the Central Banks falling, and they are evil, the replacement for them is not going to be good.

  • After listening to Dave many times, some once fuzzy concepts now make sense. For example, the "greatest transfer of wealth…" suddenly went "click" for me. And the visual helped! Thinking that concept meant something else, I realized I'd been wrong. This process is why repetition is a valuable educational tool. Often takes a few times hearing stuff before concepts take hold. I can pass along and explain to others. THIS is real education, folks.

  • When we were young, my husband owed a whopping $4,200 in student loans. We moved and forgot. No notice came to start making payments and where to make them. Moved again a year later. Went to buy a small house. Oh boy! When they find you, they are like the IRS! ‘We are going to get our money or else.’ No excuses for not making your payments. They sounded like if you don’t pay we break your legs. We paid it off and moved on. Back then it was 18 months and you got a coupon book which we never got. Not sure if it’s the same today. So, when it came to our children, we used everything we had to put them through college with no debt. Now, we have to make up our own retirement. My suggestion: unless your children are going to be a ‘professional’ (Dr., lawyer, nurse) stay away from colleges/universities! Just debt magnets! Take up a trade and own your own business!!

  • IF the federal government incorporated, as is reported, though I cannot confirm – it is separate from the people. I was a corporate paralegal. They can claim us as chattel, but that is a lie as long as you pay off your personal debts. We are not shareholders. It is a shell corporation in bed with the Fed. Res. SO, their debts are not OUR debts unless we stupidly accept it. Let the FR fall on its face. Debtors to a bankrupt corporation? Haha! This uses their established Uniform Commercial Code (not Common Law under which the nation was established) against them!

  • POTUS is going after the CB, that's a given. You are correct, this country and its citizens cannot continue this cycle of building debt and the CB is corrupt. What I want and need to know is when it happens and the CB is told to F off, what happens to the debt of all our citizens that continues to build along with our country? So many of us are barely hanging on now. Thanks to obama and his policies designed to destroy the middle class and our country we can no longer make it. More and more families are going into survival and merely existing mode after being removed from the workforce and society, yet we still have our bills to pay and all current necessities to live. We are hurting out here. What happens to us when the CB implodes? Thanks for your reporting. Always eye opening and educational!!!

  • FILE- In this March 29, 2018, file photo, the logo for Facebook appears on screens at the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York's Times Square. A report says Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission are negotiating a "multibillion dollar" fine for the social network's privacy lapses. The Washington Post said Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019, that the fine would be the largest ever imposed on a tech company. Citing unnamed sources, it also said the two sides have not yet agreed on an exact amount.




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