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Report date: 03.12.2019

The UK and the EU have reached an impasse in negotiations. May is preparing for another vote and it is happening very soon. The US National Security Council has now warned Italy not to join the Belt and Road initiative started by China. The Federal Reserve Chairman has appeared on 60 minutes, the question is why now. This is part of the plan, the setup is complete

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Intro Music: YouTube Free Music: Warrior Strife by Jingle Punks

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  • No matter what Trump does …. the NWO leftists and criminals, will corrupt it. Whether it happens and they take credit for it, or they take it by forcing stupidity upon the masses. …. One way or another, they will mess it up …. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‘

  • It's 2 years and NOTHING HAPPENS!
    You stil repeating the same shit everyday and using fancy childish words to speak to "grown on" people.
    You all have to be realy stupid to believe anything about this BULLSHIT!!!

  • Good morning Dave! Thanks again. Without your very logical explanations I would be discouraged by now. I'm hanging in there. This is a huge swamp to drain, developed over decades and decades…. longer. I am patient. It all makes sense.

  • The problem with Brexit is that SOROS has put millions into getting a second Referendum (thereby ignoring the first one). The corruption of results will definitely happen and the outcome will be no Brexit. What happens then is anybody's guess although I'm aware of many who wish to go down to London and disrupt Parliament and in particular the MPs who are failing to implement the Referendum result. You only have to look at BBC reports outside Parliament where there are hundreds of EC Flags all paid for by Soros people who take them down at night and then go round next morning and put them up again.
    The MPs are to blame though as they only consider their OWN constituency conveniently forgetting this was a National Referendum so the Constituency is actually the United Kingdom and NOT their parochial constituency. But just like the RINOS we have many Conservative MPs who are Liberal in politics and the Liberals just love the EU.

  • BRICS Pay is now being set up. Just revalue gold and BOOM you have yourself a 1024 bit encrypted safe banking system backed by precious metals.

    It's time for the reset baby!

  • My post is hours after the above video, but the news is that Parliament has voted AGAINST the EU deal! Hooray! โ™ซHere we go, here we go, here we go! โ™ซ

  • Interest rates are not going to rise further the Fed is run by a group of incompetent academics who have used up all their ammunition,. They are now lost bedevilled by their own stupid schemes that have brought us to this terrible crisis. Also Trump is at heart a friend of the banksters as will be revealed soon , he has no intention of controlling these fraudsters he has i believe made his living and reputation using them and is in bed with them. That is my opinion and of course there are those who say he wishes to destroy the Banks i do not believe this to be true.
    Only time will prove me right or wrong i do hope it is the latter but i have serious doubts, these fraudulent Banksters have for decades had an iron grip on politicians of all sides and they are more dangerous to society than a nuclear device. They have spread their cancer throughout the whole world and are surely bringing disaster on a grand scale, but that is their plan. President Trump cannot get rid of them that easily certain rights may be returned to the people by some of his actions but the control is still firmly in the hands of these powerful hidden elements they will not surrender their control.

  • FBI investigating Universities for corruptions, and that is where all Socialist was taught, good first step getting on these corrupted Universities.

  • One belt, one road? A free trade system that might be using the cashless system you mentioned that Trump may be setting up in earlier videos, and of course without any globalist central bank control. Hmmmm…… I wonder if Kushner has access to this secret plan? If so, then can you say double-double cross with the cashless system being the end goal. Again, Hmmmm….. Thoughts anyone?

  • By the way the Fake BBC isn't and hasn't broadcast much if anything about what's happening in the USA ! not much and what has been boradcast as per usual seems to target witch hubnt trump-ya know in the old part of my town we have a Duck pond but not for birds old place where they used to try find guilty and put the witches on the ducking stool-ya know what ide be more than happy to put T may on the chair ! and JC for that matter-top it right off Que the Royals up for their turn…then and only then will the uk be free and the rest of the world as the deepstate stems from all euro royals…and other extremists like the e/u…..result is expected 7.15pm …..ill rolll one then get back…………;-) mps haver voted for amendemnt a 312 ayes 308 no….gov lost by 4 votes leaving with out deal wow what a fcuking con…if ever i seen one-we wernt aware of any sort of deal when we voted to leave and when we voted in 1973 we didnt know that if we leave we will all have to be put through this misery…now farage will win next elections no doubt……..he a shrewd fellow smart buissness man – and a very good friend of POTUS ๐Ÿ˜‰ lets hope the plan goes to 'plan' amendment F now…..this a back bench amendment !!!! i feel we the public have been backbenched !!! bstrds….i despise each and everysingle one of them……+ all royal family….waiting for the next result…ide lost all interest in brexit a few months back when trump started to excel his plan……yeah we being conned here in the uk same as ye lot over there with the dems-how can these people my side of the pond and your side get away with this in full view? beats the hell outa me…persecutions from all directions….it's not 'Bloody cricket old Boy ๐Ÿ˜‰ i hate that full blown tru blu secret society accent snoby brits have ๐Ÿ™‚ makes me ill when folks put the stiff upper lip on-ya no when they say 'No sex pplease were british ! wow im a brit …..italian englsih irish……but drop me in italy and looose me or spain for that mATTER ……2nd result 7.30pm- 5 mins from now….we need farage in power now to squeeze the e/u/deepstate-=same people deep down……tthey all piss in the same pot……wanting extention of article 50 till may 22nd and a transition period up to Dec 2021….so they scared that tells me 2021 would that be some where near the end of trumps time in power if he won again-help me im not clued on usa politics? see how they dragging it out…coincidence na no way Jose ! dont work like that-this is a planned and perfectly orchestraited thing the e/u and deepstate are both doing to us here with our brexit of we had a leader like trump meaning nigel we wouldnt be going through this right now……….ayes to right 164 noseto left 374 …main motion has amnded….t may has made a right arse of this as she was always still is a remainer -the bitch ! thatchers girl…….prodigy… called…..mps voting on the gov motion on a no deal brexit as ameded by the speman and cooper amndment the amended motion says that the uk should not leave without a withdrawl agreement resuly expected at 7.45pm time to roll another fat one ๐Ÿ˜‰ history in thee actual making…brb ๐Ÿ˜‰ ayes to the right= 321 nose to left 278…..voted in favour of leaving with out a deal….now may is selling us down the road…… to leave with out a deal unless summit else is agreed….wow

  • the scots come across as though they wan to stay in the e/u how ever im 72 miles south of scotland border and i talk to scots all over scotland as im a salmon fisherman (poacher) ๐Ÿ˜‰ and every single scot i ever met wants two things and thats their country back under their own rules and rightly so and 2nd out of the e/u… ignore scots gov what they say and how they come acrosss

  • I heard from a financial expert that when Mexico reset its Peso, they also reset everyone's debt to reflect the new value of the Peso.
    What's the likelyhood of the national debt and everyone's present debt will be reset to the new currency and gold not being able to bail everyone out?

  • UK's last of the Cabal are fighting Brexit. Europe depends on their UK money and Trump warns, if they're not willing, he will use force! That would mean all of EU would be hurting big time!

  • We must continue to spread the "real news" Too many people around here are sleeping. Put info out everywhere that people can read or see videos that have meaning. They believe fake media because it is in their face 12/24 throwing Trump under the bus. Tweet offensive politicians and send retweets where public can see videos or read real news. WWG1WGA -We got this. X22 Report is my favorite place to send them. Thank-you for great info.

  • America being a part of the belt and road initiative? Do you understand the aim of the belt and road initiative? I think you need to look into some more.

  • The main reason Trump goes into most of these negotiations alone. On these sensitive Financial situations is because. All the other people and Washington bureaucrats that surround him are, connect it to the Deep state, are Central Bank puppets trying to draw us into more wars, or into more economic enslavement…



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