August 20, 2019 Few people know the myth of the “Space Masters”. This is normal because this in fact very secret information. The secret of the “Space Masters” was revealed by the aliens that were involved in the UFO incident at Roswell. In exchange for earth, the secret government received secret information. One of the most important discoveries in these secret alien files was the existence of the “Space Masters”. These were enormous giant space creatures that exist as long as atoms. There are many, many alien mythological tales of the “Space Masters”. Some myth say they were one of the very first races in our universe. They have the power to conquer entire universes. There are some rumors that they sometimes fight each other, these fights last for billions of years. The aliens told mankind that there is a prophecy that tells the story of a small little planet that would be able to defeat the “Space Masters”. The invading aliens hope that earth could be that planet.
This was one of the “Roswell teachings”…


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