All around the world are places where high strangeness encounters occur. We know these places as portals, gateways, windows, where the fabric between this world and the next is thin and normal space-time can easily break down. In Britain the most wellknown portals are Rendlesham Forest in East Anglia, and Alton Barnes and Avebury in Wiltshire. In the USA they include Skinwalker Ranch, Utah; Marfa, Texas, Mount Shasta, California, and Sedona itself. Such places permit contact between human kind and beings of a higher dimensional reality. What do we know about these portals and the alien beings that use them?

Andrew also shows that the sky portal where the Thunder People accessed the sky world and known as the Star Web. This corresponded with the Cygnus constellation, known as the celestial Thunderbird, where in lies the most mysterious star in the sky. This is, of course, Tabby’s Star, KIC 8462852, also known as the Alien Megastructure Star. Andrew will reveal the latest news on this star and demonstrate how we can use portals like Rendlesham Forest to connect with the intelligences associated with the star. Time permitting, he will conduct a meditation in which the audience can attempt to connect with the star.


  • There are no transitional fossils in the fossil record, so I guess we have to move passed the Darwin failed story at this point. You can not keep pushing that lie anymore it is outrageous.

  • Art work and topic !!!! How do you come up with all this perspective ??? Iam starting to think that The only portal here is within your brains grey matter !! In which i am really motivated by the creativity factors!!!

  • Tabby's Star is probably manifesting a creational dance. It's pulsing with rhythm, and this of course follows numeric geometry.
    All stars are plasma anodes which pulse and ring like a crystal bowl. We are going to find this to be the norm, as light is a by product
    of sound.

  • cat-holisism cat tabby stars? tabby cat cygnus cat people sirius dog people? funny maybe tabby cats are from this galaxy spoken of in the video and they are watchers. theres plenty of cat symbology throught ancient cultures. funny how captain marvel the highly powerful multi dimensional ALIEN cat was a tabby cat. a florkin. interesting that the cat in men in black that carried the charm containing a whole galaxy was also a TABBY. idk maybe theres something there since the elites and hollywood exclusively hide all this knowledge in plain sight.

  • I'll says it again Projections and Impacts a Finding in History , Creation is contaminated and is just Not this Galaxy but the Whole Universe Sound Waves Holding Black Matter in place By moving Objects vibrations Waves , Life has been on this earth Millions of Years before Mankind , No Souls before Man … .. . What animal Has Fund Technology on earth in a short time , Evil is Spirit , and needs a body Man will be all right … .. . Make a Man Lord … .. . and make him in our image Dark Light and Matter and we will live in them

  • "…demonstrates how we can use portals like Rendlesham Forest to connect with the intelligences associated with the star.[…]
    This guy can't even give directions to the nearest buys stop.
    I've read his Cygnus Key book, and it's a hodgepodge of snippets from various traditions. Cygnus hypothesis is just that, could be any star.
    He's just a freeloader with silly accent on the work of others.

  • That's interesting as all the hits at the Paulo Alto psy lab, were when Cygnus was overhead, its either the centre of the Galaxy or the Universe where the hum from the big Bang comes from, an hour later each day as its Sidereal time.

  • These (beings) are obsessed with numbers….(beings) fallen angels, evil spirits. Not aliens just the fallen ones. That's were everyone gets it wrong. They have always been here but only took on these false demi gods. Kool to here about the Chinese triangle tho. That was fascinating. Thanks for the upload. ~MN KING

  • They need to use superconductors so the quantum computers don't overheat. And the reason the 2 energy signatures that are the same and doesn't lose continuity is because of alternate realities. It's that of a mirror image. I understand it, but to explain it melts my brain.



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