August 17, 2019 These hardcore FACTS abut vaccine and autism Should ENRAGE YOU, as should the all out Orwellian assault on the truth you will hear in this report.

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    Originates from the original proptocal of Zion
    ”Wear everyone out by dissentions, famines, feuds, animosities, inoculation of diseases until the Gentiles see no other way of escape except to appeal to our money and power.”

  • What happened to freedom of thought,, I have no dog in the vaccine or no vaccine fight, I just can't stomach corporate or political censorship… both of these entities are corrupt

  • This is really sad and as you said make us outrageous upset 😡 they keep pushing this trash to damage our kids. They don’t only want us to have aborts in demand but divorce in demand, lgbtq+ in demand, homosexual marriage in demand, vaccines for all in demand and now don’t even try to have children because the world 🌎 is going to end in 12 yrs with the climate change 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ ALL THIS AN AGENDA TO STOP 🛑 PEOPLE HAVING CHILDREN STOP THE UNBORN AND STOP THE WORLD HAVING NORMAL AND HEALTHY SOCIETIES WITH NORMAL AND MARRIED FAMILIES OF A FATHER A MOTHER AND CHILDREN.

  • The more we're being "connected " the more they are controlling us. God help us. If it wasn't true, why would they be in such a panic and not let us make our own conclusions. I'm so so sorry for how your family has been affected by this.

  • My daughter is going thru hell with doctors, and CPS, over my grandson's autism. They are like the Gestapo. She has been going through this for 15 yrs. He is almost 17 yrs. old now. No help, just a big fat run around and denial of the fact vaccines, & the drug her doctor gave her during pregnancy (RhoGAM) has damaged her son. When that doesn't work they dismiss, or threaten her, they have even sent her letters that she is no longer their patient because she has gotten openly upset with them. It's a life of despair I wouldn't wish on anyone. I fear for her health along with my grandson's, because the stress is crushing her. Please pray for my grandson, and my daughter.

  • Disgraceful and outrageous! Free speech!?? for whom?? It is only this difficult in the US. In Europe, specifically in the Netherlands, it is still hard but not like here…you can opt out and go for vitamin treatment and show them your kids progress on this treatment. Over there they tried to get my son on medication for Autism, but we disagreed and went to a Vitamin therapist which helped him immensely and now at 13, the vitamins helped and also he did grow out of some things and is doing great! Also about mercury, why do you think they don't put it in fillings anymore? And if you happen to have fillings with mercury, they will take it out!

  • these fxcking depopulation cxck suckers deserve to be guven 1000 shots each along with their kids !!!! MMS (sodium chlorite) is NOT a poison !!!!!! its NOT CHLORINE !!! any more than NACL (table salt) which is sodium chloride !!!!!! ……. NOT chlorine !!!!!!! … wasnt it THIMEROSOL responsible for a baby born without arms a few decades ago. it was verified and allover the news too

  • To be so overt they are desperate,

    It will wake up more people, counter productive,

    It will be over soon, then follows accountability,

  • Let's see if they block the information on my Facebook page I'm going to post every time I see an anti-vax video like this one on Facebook They do Almost nobody in my family vaccinate There children

  • Thanks so much for the digging you do and for your courage to continue to speak up. Just please be careful as they don't like dissidents! I can't even believe I wrote that sentence about this country….what have we become?

  • I emailed them with my thoughts on their censorship and going back in time to burning books. I also told them their business can be replaced by another… their popularity may not be forever!

  • Maybe that would be a badd idea Then they would go after probably all the creators of wonderful videos like this one And that would be a horrible thing this information needs to go out

  • The deep state is all about taking down this country to implement globalism….killing with vaccines, etc. Inundate your Congressmen with emails, phone calls about these and other issues. No one should be immune from the law for wrongdoing. God bless you and your sweet children who are under satanic attack.🙏🏻

  • I am not anti-vaccine but I will tell you my experience with the new Shingles Vaccine. One week after receiving the vaccine, I had a full blown Shingles outbreak. This lead me to do a basic online search for information on the new vaccine where I discovered a statement on the CDC's website which discussed the fact that the vaccine was released to the public without studying its effect on patients who had a prior shingles outbreak. They also failed to inform doctors about this when the vaccine was released.

  • Ridiculous. I’m writing a document now on the natural cures and have another on the causes of pineal gland calcification. It’s very insidious but can be treated as some naturopaths have shown. Look into boron, look into silica, magic acid from apple cider vinegar and citric fruits and fermented foods. These are some of the natural chelation foods (binding the metals and allowing them to be excreted through ruin and sweat).

  • Adults who are dumb enough to take these vaccines deserve what they get but parents who allow their children to take them need to be locked up and lose custody

  • What is this paradox? For instance, supposed experts and other people say we are living in the last days. One of the qualities of the last days, if I understand this logically, is an "increase" in knowledge. They quote an increase of knowledge … not good knowledge … not disinformation … "an increase in knowledge." If this is so, why then the phenomenon of a promotion of a disinformation program to suppress knowledge? That to me is a decrease in knowledge, not an increase. Is the biblical translation into English wrong? Or is there something else going on? Either these days are the last days or not. Ever the watchman!

  • Everyone knows that most of the media is being paid off by the pharmacy companies. Did you see how many pharmacy ads are on the media channels. That is how they are buying the media, keeping the truth from the American people.

  • If vaccines worked the reported immunity would be contagious and the disease would die out. Instead the immunity is short lived and the disease grows stronger. 1

  • I remember as a kid a teacher told me “touching mercury can harm you” if touching it can harm you why would I wanna shoot it up in my system?

  • I find it fascinating that books about families seeking cures for a terrible destructive illness that has assaulted their child is banned. Meanwhile horror movies, violent films and video games, hyper-sexualized content from music industry and Hollywood and the people that produce them are celebrated. Pretty obvious there’s an agenda of destruction aimed at children.

  • Mr Trump is no different, he's a 33rd degree free mason and went to Jesuit school so there all part of the deep state. Just a informed opinion

  • I see 50 thumbs down ! SHAME on you MONSTERS that jprefer to suppress truth and put the Lives of countless youth at risk ! ! I pray that God intervines !

  • Sean, in the very near future we will be punished with some sort of targeted emf's via our smartmeters that will make us sick if we watch alt media like your show and the only news we watch except some Fox shows. This scares me more than anything. Mindcontrol the ultimate horror. We are doing chelation therapy now. It's the only way we can combat all the heavy metal exposure we all get. Are we fighting a losing battle?

  • I have had specific concerns for future? vaccines and the planned inclusion of nano particles, which will include "nanoscopic" interface with AI/ computer. Neural "dust". People could be triggered for heart attack from a distance, from satellites, etc. Eugenics is real. Those who want to decrease human populations.
    In addition, the FLU shot has a known (and stated in the package insert) side effect of Guillain-Barré. I work in therapy in hospitals and have seen instant paralysis cases post-flu shots come into the hospitals due to Guillain-Barré diagnosis. The syndrome attacks from bottom up, so in more severe cases even swallowing and speech can be dramatically affected. Furthermore, my husband as a nurse gets annual flu shots, but NO MORE after the one he took at the end of 2017. After the shot, he got a horrible case of flu, after which his hip, knee, and ankle joints became very painful for walking; then his right lower leg became enlarged, followed by the left a day later (elephant leg-style). Then he began to get swollen nodes all over his legs which enlarged and were painful, and were pushing out with enough force to cause bruising on his skin. Doctor diagnosed "Hashimoto's Disease", autoimmune, and referred to a rheumatologist, who further diagnosed "reactive arthritis" and "erythema nodosum" (the nodes). When looking up those diagnoses to check if they were related to Guillain-Barré, I found that they were mentioned as more rare symptoms associated indeed with the syndrome. This past year, I heard MANY more people talking about themselves, loved ones, friends with more or less severe and similar symptoms popping up right after the flu shot!!

  • Anything some jackass says on liberal media can be considered outright deception . " the doctor's " oooh , the doctor's sticking up for vaccines im so surprized .

  • HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (food grade only) diluted down to 3.5% MMS add 5/1 acidic such as lemon juice, lime juice , vinegar. 5 drops to every 1 hydrogen peroxide.

  • You need to checkout Mike Adam's website Natural News. He's currently shopping for a law firm to bring a class action suit against these social media conglomerates. Look into it.



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