August 18, 2019 Today’s message.. for Qshi – Quantum Healing sessions and classes.


  • Thanks Suzanne, a Great Reminder ❤️ The only constant is change and how we choose to meet that in our lives, resistance or acceptance, is our path to walk. Having walked the path of resistance for many years of my life, this Canadian Goose from the East Coast now chooses the latter! Lol. Love and Blessings and have a wonderful session!❤️🙏🌹

  • My daughter is faced with change at her place of business also. It's very stressful to her though because one woman quit and now my daughter is expected to do almost twice the work for the same pay. It's sad that employers treat their employees that way. Much love to you!

Suzanne Bertolas QShi


Suzanne Bertolas is the founder of Qshi - Quantum Soul Healing Integration She facilitates in person and remote sessions, and teacher her healing method to those who feel guided to learn her work. Holy Fire Reiki Master, intuitive, healer, singer/songwriter and Author. She works directly with the Angelic Realm in her healing practice and channels clear cut messages when she offers Angel Intuitive readings for clients. Suzanne created her channel as an extension of her website to help those who are...

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