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Oh yeah, this happened, they say. Croww777 returns to SGT Report to discuss NASA, the occult and the official lies of the deep state.

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  • The BBCs latest series about the planets has been destroyed in the comment section, I was really pleased to see how many people aren't buying it anymore.

  • There's no sound in space there for any form of transmission would not work because in vacuums there's no matter to transmit the wavelengths of sound to point A to point B boom they're stupid bam wham bam thank you ma'am does anybody get it yet no pictures from Mars okay nothing is this b***** you could say this dot-dot-dot Houston we have a problem hello Houston the problem is that you can hear me some how

  • Youtubers need to migrate to another video outlet. If everyone did this the company would collapse. Those Administrators at Youtube are Government controlled shills.

  • when I heard that their were people who believed in flat earth I laughed my ass off. then I got to thinking maybe its some kind of cult like global warming. I had to hear for myself why on earth people would believe this in the 20th century? so I heard that matter out. bought the book the Greatest Lie on Earth, I could not argue the facts. I think I was sick for weeks. I'm older and it was like waking up on the Truman show, living in a matrix, so I continued down the rabbit hole. realized they were trying to hide God and His perfect word. did you know Ron Wyatt found the Ark of the covenant in Jerimiah's grotto directly!!! 20 ft below where Yeshua was crucified. still their to this day. they cant remove it, or they die. Absolutely Amazing !!!! How Perfect He is!!!!!!!!!!!! The Dead Sea started coming back to life late last year as prophesied in the word God is moving also

  • Questions: if there is a dome over the earth, how are meteorites hitting the earth? Flat earthers say there's no space, then where do meteorites come from? Finally, what does all this have to do with eternity? This sounds like a distraction from doing the Great Commission Jesus told His followers to do. Please, let's keep our eyes on the prize and run the race to witness to the lost! Time is quickly running out! 😇🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • constantly bitching about jooooo tube. but you tend to project your lack of viewership based on projecting onto a straw man. not even clever. good you got doxd

  • the hindu philosophy and spirituality has always contended that human beings can never leave the earth's atmosphere. the moon landing are a hoax. if we could get to the moon through the van allen belts then there is pure hydrogen dust to fuel rockets on the surface of the moon to fuel rocket motors to the moon. so, why have they not done this?

  • Cut all funding to these assholes. I cannot believe I have been paying taxes so these nerds could sit around fingering their ass, doing absolutely nothing.

    The only thing NASA is sending into space is our imagination, fucking scam.

  • Don't listen to Crrow777. He was promoting a phony "lunar wave" phenomenon a couple years ago. The Paulstal Service made a great video exposing this. Unfortunately, Mr. "Paulstal" appears to have given up his video-making career, but many of his excellent videos can be found at archive dot org. Look for the video "Is the Moon a Hologram Crrow777 and 'The Lunar Wave'." Alien UFO theories are all fake, as far as I can tell, but so were the Apollo manned moon landings. The mainstream understanding of what is out there in space is correct, as far as the positions, motions, and shapes of the Earth and its neighbors in space, but deceptions are still slipped in here and there, and the Apollo "manned moon landings," which never happened, are an example of this.

  • We are made in Gods image and that's why the satanic elites hate mankind we look like God and they want to pull us all away from God with there bs about global model, be like Gods with transhumanism. Remember, we are made in his imageand that's why there is a war on mankind and God created the world and that's why there is a war on mother nature

  • Talking & reporting about the attack on our freedom of speech is a first good step. The question now is where do we take it from here? Do we all just be content with being internet activist sitting on the sidelines? Is it possible to mobilize a concerted effort by all affected sites? POTUS needs the Alternative Media to win in 2020 and to shut down the MSM will go going against the very freedom we are claiming to protect. The AM will survive for it has the brightest minds and can surely find a way to confront this head-on. We just need to set our differences aside. Hit them where it hurts & a class-action lawsuit for monetary damages by all affected sites is a start. No one has a right to prevent someone from making an honest living to feed one’s family. The Fourteenth Amendment & The Right to Earn a Living Act protects this right.
    A single hemp becomes strong when banded together in a rope.

  • Thank you Sean and Crow. Nope it was monetized, probably 5 or 6 ads. I hope you get your cut. Blessings to you and all who watch and believe. QUESTION EVERYTHING! ☺❤👍🤟🙏💙💚💛

  • Don't these – "people" – who are indeed very smart, understand that the better they become at bettering AI will inevitably result in making all of them – and all of us – and all who succeed us – absolutely unnecessary and obsolete? It is even more egregious than post-birth abortion. It will become the incentive and eventual abolition of the necessity of conception.
    The end of homo-sapien.
    BTW: I still have the equipment to play 45 vinyl records. Surely I can reproduce that that technology.

  • Perhaps "SecureTeam10" has been demonitized because HE/THEY have SERVED THEIR PURPOSE and are no longer needed, as such. It's similar to InfoWars, IMO. The people who are working for the oligarchs are used for a period of time only. The mainstream media will NOT "fall by the way side" because it's NOT about the money. The oligarchs have ALL the money they need. It's about command and control.

  • Oh God NASA has been lying to us for sure but aliens are real. They have been lying to us about that too. Just because there is anomalies in space doesn't mean aliens don't exist.

  • Actually the channel on UFOs you guys are talking about had largely been pretty vanilla. It was great for me for awhile but I eventually moved on to people who were pushing the real controversial side of the truth. It can be hard to decipher truth from half truths but after awhile you watch thing like jealousy rear it's ugly head among the urologists and begin to get a good feel for where the goodies are.

    One thing for sure, the truth hasn't been taught in schools to children about history, archeology, UFOs, politics.. And who knows what else. I feel religion has been tampered with and I'm not sure how much.

    Also I've learned to search inside myself using meditation. It took me a couple years and a 27 yr veteran to help me before I could get past my teaching 43 yr old minds way of running rampant.

    I believe we were created in God's image and we are much greater then we've been told. Everyone is a wonder. We have free will and can choose light or darkness. And there's no way I've heard of to remove the bad. It's necessary for us to learn from and I guess gives us more options lol.

    Just a glimpse into my constant changing daily world as I see it.

  • Are you guys not aware of the secret space progams? Solar Warden?
    Apparently we've been very far out into the solar system with advanced technologies from back engineering ET craft/technology exchanges

  • Hi Shaun. I went to you tube this morning and there it showed there was a new video from you. It also showed there was a new video from another channel I follow which carries roughly the same content. Upon arriving at your page there was no new video and it was the same for the other channel. Thoughts? Something new?

  • So great to hear two of the best having a thought provoking and eye opening conversation about the fantasy that we’ve all been indoctrinated with called space.

  • Back to crrow777 again. Unbelievable that you bring back that conspiracy nutjob and give him airtime again. FFS Sean, the moon landings have been proven over and over and over again. It boggles my mind that you believe this moon hoaxer and have him back again spewing his unbelievable BS. I thought you hab a higher IQ but seems like I was wrong. Instead of giving this ignorant piece of cow manure airtime, why don't you go and have some proper astrophysisists on the show and let them prove the moon landings ? trouble is you don't want to cos you're scared that your moon hoaxing narrative falls apart. You're simply a coward, Sean. Stand up and be counted if you want to tell us you are open minded. The way I see it is you would rather shit your pants than have a proper scientist prove you wrong. It's bad enough that you a flerfer but to also be a moon hoaxer is just a shameful attitude.

  • Industrial base, resources and small farms are all the ultimate high ground, that lofty realm the malcontents strive to CONTROL is fiction.. science fiction

  • concerning the issue with China, the new Twilight Zone in the 90's had an episode where certain crimes were punished by making the person untouchable … no interaction with them. Very good enactment of what is now happening!

  • I have compiled several typed pages of scriptures to prove that everything NASA has told us is a pack of lies. NASA = Never A Space Agency is nothing more than a legal way to steal taxpayer dollars to fund their black ops programs; period. —- In Isaiah 14:14 we are told that Satan wants to become like the Most High God; all knowing. TVs, computers and cellphones are known in the occult world as 'black mirrors' for spirit(s) can move freely through them. They are the 'image of the beast' for they both speak and live. This coming 5G/Tesla technology controlled by A.I. allows Satan to become all knowing. That's why they surveil us; that's why they track our every move, listen to our every voice print and watch our every keystroke. The Son of Perdition will be revealed on all black mirrors at the same time around the world. He will be extremely handsome and charismatic; almost supernatural in appearance. He will convince the people of the world to give up their national sovereignty for global and no one will fight him.

  • how is it that Elon Musk creates a space system after only a few decades that is MORE efficient, REUSABLE, but nasa can't and spends billions of dollars doing what Elon does for MUCH less?????



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