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  • That’s what I’ve been saying that he’s not an American. He went to school as a child to a Muslim school and you had to be from Indonesia to go to this school. He could not be an American and go to that school. His grandmother said she was there when he was born. His Kenya grandmother. Why would he spend so much money to hide his past If he wasn’t afraid of what would be found. He should have been vetted by congress. I think the FBI was in on it and I know the CIA was

  • It's hard to believe there's actually a discussion in America about capitalism vs socialism. It's like spitting on the graves of our forefathers who shed their blood their Sweat There tears for the establishment of our nation and the freedom we enjoy. Discussions about this subject matter are sowing seeds of doubt concerning our way of life in the minds of the young that are not being taught the history of how we came to be. It's like having a debate about which is better, God or the devil.

  • The final pieces of the prophetic puzzle are being laid out now for the beginning of the Tribulation.
    John 3:3 Unless you are a born-again believer, you cannot inherit the kingdom of God. That verse should shake you if you have not asked Jesus to come into your heart and ask Him to forgive you of your sins after you make admittance to them, and surrender your life to Christ. You will then have your name on the Lamb's Book of Life and can have Heaven to look forward to. That sure beats the alternative!! Time is so short though folks!!

  • The crap they don’t tell you is that Medicare only pays 80% and you STILL have to have supplemental insurance, currently costing 400 per month per individual, in order to afford to HAVE the insurance cover ALMOST 100%.

  • It becomes time to unveil Muellers real narrative which actually is one of the creators into Trumps take down plan , they launched the masterplan back in 2004, because they had information that Trump would run for the presidency in 2008. Cohen was part of the masterplan which became their first infiltrated entity into Trumps proximityn in 2005. But their first estimated timeline of the master plan to take Trump down for the elections 2008 failed miserable when Trumps newborn son obstructed this. Now look how Mueller was setup to become the SC. The exaggerated recusal by Sessions for no valid reason was part of the masterplan, thats why Sessions deliberately ignoring his obligation to inform the president first , instead they waited that Trump was abroad to give Rosenstein the free hand to install Mueller. In this way they prevent any interference by Trump for the replacement of Sessions for a other more aggressive Attorny General to lead the Department of Justice. This was no option because Mueller had to become the SC for the simple fact that any other appointed SC would have find out that the Russian collusion and the Russian interference was a complete invented hoax which never occured. Thereby Mueller knew all other planted infiltrants into Trumps surroundings like Sessions , Rosenstein, Tillerson, Page , Papadopoulos , Manafort and many others which also explain why Trump had to fire so many employees within his administration .
    Obama did made several preparations in place to serve this masterplan, Obama appointed many professionals into certain locations within the Government system how convenient. The raid into Cohens properties served also several purposes first to obtain the taperecords of the Presiident by the SC who else could accomplish such raid without any serious objection. The second reason was to release Cohen from his assignment which never was mented to be so long instead the estimated 4 years it became almost 13 years, so his suddenly U-turn and change in attitude towards Trump was not surprizing to me, to make it easy for Trump to fire Cohen at once. Trump was telling the truth he was not aware of any Cohen/Stormy extortion deal . Remember the Apprentice special by NBC in the Playboy mansion were coinscedentally also Miss Daniels showed up. What about all these other false accusations directly coming from Trumps contribution to NBC's Apprentice.
    It had to be Mueller because he knew also all other participants of the Masterplan which they had brought in taking Trump down. Muellers investigation is not quite failed they actually achieved a couple of goals. Their most important achievement is not certain yet . Then you must look how the Muellers team was presented to the American public, they had to be a bias team of prosecutors and investigators which would investigate the Russian interference toroughally but resulted in there was no Collusion nor any obstruction took place. NOW this part of the masterplan was ment to prevent any new Attorny General from further investigate the Russian involvement that had no sense to spill more money for this issue. That is exactly what they want to prevent because a new investigation would unmask all their invented and fabricated false accusations about the Russian interference and collusion. No their final strike has still to come to take Trump that will not happen earlier then right before the next elections of 2020 . To prevent Trump from any counterattacks or any counter investigation he could ordered. Well time learns everything in the mean while they will keep the American people busy , with lots of other planned scrutiny . All deceiving parts to misled and deceive the American people in a continues serie of a staged soapopera which is the really narrative of this ongoing scrutiny in America. Now be aware that there are actually 535 political entitys which presented the American people in Congress and Senate , how come that we see only a handfull of these "elected " political entities in front of the camera , where are all these other participants are they deaf and dumb ? I dont think so, this is at least to say a remarkable suspicious issue.

  • I bet less than 1% know what "Socialism" is. It is not looking after the people here in the USA, like healthcare. No one is proposing a GOV control on Manufacturing goods, crops to distribute the wealth to all. No America is an Oligarch controlled by less than 1% of the people, I think I may call that something worse.

  • Queen Eliz's TOP SPIES. Arvinder Sambei and pal, Allison Saunders plan and orchestrate the overthrow of our president Trump.  ESPINONAGE BY THE HIGHEST LEVEL IN UK

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