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  • I saw your interview last night. That was cool. Thank you for your hard work and all the great education you are providing for those who seek the truth on climate change.

  • Thank you Mr. Davidson and Mr. Adrian D'Amico.
    Current setting is all notifications. Tap to change your notification setting for SuspectSky
    and now the anticipation is making me wait… I love some thing like this to look forwards to…

    Facts with flavor and intrigue along with the gravitas of past and pending epoch collapse?
    Truth is riveting and way more entertaining than fiction
    interesting times are both curse and opportunity?

    shiny news

  • March tornado in South Carolina…
    Yeah, that's normal.
    Raining nicely here on the center left coast, headed to an area near you!…Enjoy!

    Suspect Sky's series is gonna be cool. The whole 2046 end times is the kind of epiphany that can feel most disconcerting. Overriding the emotion of belief…or in this case disbelief, is both difficult to surmount as well as being something one doesn't even want to hear, much less buy into.

    Strangely, Mom was a Lockheed engineer and a devout Catholic.
    She became convinced the "End Times" were upon us.
    She refused to elaborate on what evidence she had knowledge of, other than the "Fatima" prophecies…

    She was pragmatic and highly intelligent. Now, hearing of government awareness in the catastrophe cycle, and considering the secrecy of her job?
    I find myself hesitant about learning the science behind it. I want that kernel of doubt intact! Prepping for extreme climate shifts and civil unrest is one thing.
    Thinking about finding and prepping an underground structure, capable of sheltering and feeding me and mine for one two years is biting off a bit more than I'd like to chew.

    But August Dunning is right, regardless.
    There's a world of simple pleasures still available to enjoy. None of this stuff changes that. The only thing that can is stored between our ears. So delve into this theory if you can, without freaking out on gloom and doom.
    It's a theory, untested and seemingly in agreement with some of what we can see and interpret. It's by no means carved into stone…

    Ok maybe some carving's involved but without failed testing of hypotheses, falls short of satisfying the scientific method to the point of justifying cleaning out the savings account and reckless abandon.

    Grain of salt, hand crank generator and bags of rice and beans, that's what should be taken with this revelation. That and a little iodine.

    See you tomorrow. Same Bat time, same Bat channel! Same Bat belfry…;)

  • If a "Micro Nova" does occur and might in the next 100 years. How would it begin? What would have to be happening on the Sun for it to start? That would make for a nice video. If you have already done one, I hope someone directs me to it, thanks.

  • You must kmow machine learning is just a piece of the Wall Street take over of the Trillion Dollar Public School Fund. Human Capital literally through the "Public, Private, Partnership" which means the elimination of teachers, individual thought, questioning of anything, etc. For example why is HLS at Santa Monica College? Why are the 2 largest school evaluation boards legally bound from making public their findings about Public Schools?
    Ever notice how the word "Community" is missing from every college? Further more exactly why would an evaluatiom body spend 1.5 billion to an advertising agency to develop new names for the now mostly privately owned, " public-private partnership"
    You do realize that public-private partnership means that a private industry is in is obligated to its shareholders to provide profit there is no partnership with the general public matter of fact they are eliminating teachers they are eliminating you know philosophy art and specifically focusing on the gate programs.
    Your kids my kids any kids that go to public school are the last. In the near future will be paying Private Industry for schooling and most likely it will be done from home in front of a computer with a hundred fifty to two hundred thousand other students online.
    Wish it wasn't true.

  • Earthquake patterns? Uh, this is really old news, like 1970s if you are old enough to remember.
    Out of Mexico and USSR it was emphatically stated that electrostatic charges were detected prior to both volcanic eruptions and larger quakes. For twenty years, myself and others have pointed out that two quakes (or volcanic eruptions) that are separated by distance will result in energy transfer to midway point between and energy will move in very specific direction along plate boundaries. This isn't new, unknown, or speculation. IT is proven over time.
    Likely, with the ability to detect building electrostatic charge greatly improved, smaller quakes could be pre detected with at least some forewarning for populations.
    Alphabet agencies continue to ignore long term proofs of this ability to track and predictability only because they boxed themselves in with theory and pseudo statements as China, USSR, and independent, unassociated researchers from various backgrounds have continued to predict (within 100 miles or less) the subsequent quakes.
    So aggressive in their denial and ad hominem attacks, USGS has undertaken a policy of intentionally under-reporting, lowering magnitude with no justification based upon actual seismic data, obfuscation of quakes (8000 per year in Oregon for example), and continuously blocking data from Russia and China who both have made data public
    Predictability is verified. Data and technology available, but occulted, would make it more accurate as far as centralized locations of forecasts.
    The question isn't predictability. The question is why obfuscation of data paid for by public funds and obscuring data by manipulation of magnitude?

  • Thanks for the information Ben. Question are these active non-sunspots bouncing back & forth of the sun's equator. I mean a week or so ago there was a active non-sunspot region in the sun's northern hemisphere & now this week we have active non-sunspot down on the sun's southern hemisphere. Was just wondering if this was a normal thing to see during solar minimum when the solar polar fields are in the process of reversing ? Anyways have a great weekend SO's ⚡☀⚡

  • In preparing for a cme ….. Is there a depth underground and a length of time to use for calculating the bunker requirements? When I look for sources they are avoiding that issue so I turn to the SO family for an intelligent explanation. I realize there can be extreme variability in solar discharge and duration

  • Ben, we just got done exploring the Lost River Caverns, Hellertown, PA.
    (More on the list to explore…)

    Are we going down the right rabbit hole?

  • New Observer here…cant believe how fortunate I am to have stumbled on this outstanding channel!! Thank you for another good one. EYES OPEN…NO FEAR!

  • Was monitoring the cape index in the north west AU, it dropped a leg inland and caused a small 2.6m in portheadland, sky has been entertaining at night as well.

  • only channel i ever subscribed and come regularly to check the new vids. i am just a curious person, thats why after watching a video here a long string of Google searches starts so i can have a minute understanding of whatever subject its talked about. I feel like a can trust this channel to warn me of whatever there is to be warned about whenever . thanks.

  • Ada yang mahu buat lawak hal mengandung lagi ke?..ada wanita mana pula yang mahu uji kesuburan sebelum bertemu [email protected] mana pula mahu buat undang-undang jika boleh hamilkan wanita kerajaan berikan rumah serta elaun?..bergurau boleh,ada had serta batas,tersilap gurau celaka dan binasa semua…faham ayat itu semua?..

  • Jesus foretold almost 2000 years ago that earthquakes in the last days would be a sign of his presence and the end of the system of things, read this in your bible at Matthew in chapter 24 for more information visit our website at and type in the search box the words last days.

  • On this date in History – March 2,
    1799 – Congress standardizes US weights & measures
    1836 – Republic of Texas declares independence from Mexico
    1846 – A great snowstorm in Virginia and the Carolinas pushed the tide 5 feet above normal at Norfolk. $500,000 damage resulted with 50 families and 1,000 head of cattle drowned on Nott's Island, North Carolina
    1853 – Territory of Washington organized after separating from the Oregon Territory
    1933 – Magnitude 8.4 Sanriku earthquake hits Japan
    1938 – Landslides & floods cause over 200 deaths (Los Angeles, California)
    1939 – Las Vegas, NV dropped to 19°F; their coldest March temperature on record
    1947 – The March one-day record snowfall of 16 inches buried Ottawa, Ontario Canada. The storm left 28.7 inches of snow covering the Ottawa region
    1958 – 1st surface crossing of Antarctic continent is completed in 99 days
    1968 – USAF displays Lockheed C-5A Galaxy, biggest plane in the world
    1968 – USSR launches space probe Zond 4; fails to leave Earth orbit
    1972 – Pioneer 10 launched for Jupiter flyby
    1980 – Snow falls in Jacksonville, Florida
    1982 – Half of the island of Tonga in the South Pacific was rendered homeless by Tropical Cyclone Isaac after winds of 112 mph caused heavy damage
    1990 – 22 ships were trapped by ice in the worst ice jam in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 10 years. The ice was 23 feet thick
    1998 – Data sent from the Galileo spacecraft indicates that Jupiter's moon Europa has a liquid ocean under a thick crust of ice
    2001 – The high temperature in Las Palmas, the capital of Grand Canaria, Canary Islands, reached 87°, their highest March temperature in 45 years
    2012 – One of the largest, if not the largest tornado outbreak ravaged the Tennessee Valley, the Ohio Valley and parts of the South on this day through the 3rd. At least 70 tornadoes were confirmed, including at least 11 being EF-3 intensity or greater and two of EF-4 intensity with winds estimated at 170 mph that devastated Henryville, IN and the other tore through Crittenden, KY. As many as 71 tornadoes touched down with the Storm Prediction Center reported 160 tornado accounts. The outbreak claimed 41 lives and damage was as much as $2 billion dollars.



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