August 18, 2019 A five percent tariff on all goods coming from Mexico will go into effect on June 10, and will gradually increase up to 25 percent until the illegal immigration problem is resolved, US President Donald Trump has announced.
This appears to be the “big league” announcement on the border Trump had teased earlier in the day, prior to delivering a commencement speech to the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

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  • Food shortages flooding out our crops. Now Mexico food gonna go up. Prepare gonna get bad. Stock up of dried and canned foods maybe all we got coming up soon.

  • dumb sheep suffering from "trump deranged support syndrome" say just don't buy it .. LOL bha ha ha ha ha 8Þ

    jewmerica creates the rufugees/migrants, and under international law is obligated to receive what they have created by meddling in the affairs of central american countries. educate yourselves on the regime changes conducted by jewmerica (started in the 80's with ronny rayguns), instead of reacting to symptoms (like refugees on the move)

  • I think it should be Mexico's place to control their on people. Why should we have to keep doing it? We're not lined up at their border, and if we were then it would be on the US to handle it n not Mexico. Yep, The borders should be closed to all the illegals. Why do we have to keep on dealing with it day after day after week after month after year!!! I'm sick of it also. Tired of the whole Mexican thing to be honest!

  • All these tariffs will not hurt the host countries. They will add it to the material costs and we will be footing the bill. It's all a hidden sales tax for us period

  • U.k , Germany , France , India , Russia , China , Iran , Iraq , Turkey & mexico refuse traid anything with america avoid the tarfiff and they will be back begging soon enough there crop's wont grow under there flooded farm fields so just stop traiding with them . Let them crash when they come crawling back hit them with a tafiff that will destroy america a peace agreement no millatry allowed like costa rica as youve done nothing but destroy democracy abroad an abused the human right's for your oil obsession

  • Why is it not 40% !? You should see the tariffs charged when I try to ship to customers in the UK and Canada’ China I ship $5000 in equipment there’s $2600 slapped on it because it comes from USA ! Reagan allowed these American scum bag corps move their plants to Mexico Americans lost jobs entire ghost towns came from this in the 80s So American corps can pay Mexican wages ! Trump is making it so the field is leveled and the creeps move factory’s back. 5% ? Mexico should not say a word its to cheap. America first ! When you loose everything don’t expect much help from abroad they won’t send billions of dollars they drop off tooth brush kits and powdered milk. That’s Reality and the last few administrations nearly sunk us so low we nearly went belly up.

  • There Go the fresh veggies. Going to buy a bunch to freeze. Garden is total loss with rain and flooding. Food is going up big time with the bread basket flooded. Even local farmer's market won't have much at all.

  • Trump trolls american consumers? He already charged premium of 25% on Chinese products now 5% on Mexican product .How does it make sense since american consumer is the one who eventually cover the bill? To me this is insult. he think americans are dumb enough to buy this crap and they are dumb, they are buying it. LOL If we invest in mexico instead of communist China which is far away and hostile to us we will solve our immigration issues since many mexicans will go back on their own.

  • This is good. Literally it is Mexico’s fault we have an immigration problem. However The liberals, or “left” somehow thinks we should
    Let EVERYONE in. And somehow they think trump is a racist….yeah the liberals have been brainwashed by MSNBC AND CNN, etc.

  • a lot of you so called experts are completely missing the point here . buy American and hire American . AMERICA FIRST . when mexico's product becomes to expensive because the tariffs are so high , an American entrepreneur will start his/her own business and PRODUCE IT CHEAPER . the tables are turning so stop bitching and get behind our president .

  • I'm sorry but you can't have 30,000 people a month rushing our border without the government that's allowing them to pass through to actually do something about the situation instead of pretending like they're not receiving millions of dollars a year from their United States to take care of situations they have a Fail-Safe they are playing possum.

  • All tarriffs are paid 100% by we the people to the government base that receives the payment.

    Tarriffs = America last. It's just 5th grade matamatics.

    If Trump charges China, China charges the product buyer Wal- Mart, Who in turn charges YOU. So YOU ultimately pay the full price of the tarriffs.

    What an ingenious president Russia selected to rule America in favor of both China and Russia, the next great powers.

    As Trump says, "You probably know this better then anybody else."

    The game Trump is playing is to see which country's middle class and lower income people can suffer the longest, before the people demand it be stopped.

    He didn't do the math. No way the American people can win because American consumers have to pay all the tarriffs on all the countries Trump imposed tarriffs on., While each other country only pays for the tarriffs they impose on America.

    It might make since if the money was used to create real jobs or to fix our worn out infrastructure. The truth is we pay but have no clue what the money will ultimately be used for.

    Trump has been rich all his life and never suffered a day in his life. He can imagine what the American struggling class will suffer or how far up the food chain this decision will trickle up as the tarriffs just keep rising and the market crashes.

    America first to crumble under the load for sure. Mathematics are never wrong. Tarriffs only hurt the consumers and the working class. There is also an additional 23% tax on the new products too. CHECKMATE!!!

    And you never saw it coming. Putin is a chess master, Trump is just a little rich kid. Easiest mark ever.

  • What in the heck was the one way, closed, simplistic position you just proposed?. Are u counterintel my friend? And I’m NOT a trumper. But this needs more thought than what was just said.

  • The tariffs are the only weapon Trump has since Congress won't do their job. Mexico immediately sent a delegation to the US to talk. That is what Trump was counting on. The Soros puppets Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are at fault because they will not allow Congress to pass the necessary laws to stop the asylum abuse that Soros is funding. The Mexican government was caught busing people to the border. A large part of Mexico's economy is from remittances received from US family members that are working. What is your plan? What would you do if you were president and a gang of one? If I were Trump I wouldn't run for a second term. No one appreciates anything he has tried to do for this country. Wow we could have had Hillary as President. If that were so I wouldn't even be able to send this comment because your channel wouldn't be here. So, again, what is your plan to stop the masses from coming across the border? Our border security has had to become baby sitters. Please reply to my comment and tell me where I am wrong and share your plan. I respect you allot Dahboo77 and have been a sub for a long time but you need to think about this one more before you criticize.

  • Well Trump said they would pay for the wall. So, here ya go!!!
    They didn’t stop the caravan, they’re not stopping MS13, they have been the beneficiary of NAFTA and GATT for 30 years at the expense of the US, etc, etc!!!!
    Dahboo don’t go all Mexican on us!!!

  • Only 5%? Mexico will end up paying for the wall in the long run. Stop the illegals bringing in their crappy goods including the people

  • Our laws keep us from deporting people. People with ebola are coming now from Congo. The U.N. funded migration needs to be stopped. If Mexico is our trading partner they should help when we are being attacked.

  • 🤪 lol the stock market is down it’s up it’s down it will be up on Monday the rich get richer WHEN WILL YOU STUPID PEOPLE WAKE THE FK UP……….

  • Good. And put live bullets in the border guards rifles . Send our troop to the border not iran or any where else in the world.

  • It's not Mexico's fault
    United States implemented
    Un policy into law rather than sign unto pact.
    So the peoples of the world going to Western Nations for welfare… And considering the conditions that have been created in their home countries
    I don't blame them.
    It's all part of the plan
    And 90 percent of population of the world migrants/ and others not going to like it.

  • Today to El Paso Texas since January 1 there had been over 130,000 arrest of illegal immigrants. Why doesn’t trump get the military down there maybe the military doesn’t like trump?
    Headlines with a voice did a great piece on the number of illegal immigrants coming across the border and why Trump won’t do anything about it!

  • Mexico Keeps letting 10s of THOUSANDS of people come up from Central America. THIS HAS GOT TO STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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