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President Trump is set to invoke the Insurrection Act against members of the Deep State and those allowing illegal immigrants to flood our country. Military forces will be deployed. Arrests, tribunals and executions will take place. And Trump will need the help of patriotic Americans ready to defend our nation against enemies both foreign and domestic. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!


  • LOL Thanks for the ongoing, never-ending, continual, non-stop, ceaseless laughs and entertainment America! Please don't start your next civil war until the world can get in a bigger supply of beer (real beer not that cat piss you yanks call beer) and popcorn. We don't want to miss anything.

  • I've seen a battery flashlight that has a powerful taser.. my security guard friend showed me the one he keeps handy. There's different kinds that reach different distances, but the interesting thing is that they can be found in a Military Surplus store.. wear they sell Army /Navy gear & clothing. Perhaps a valuable weapon if a gun is not available. The Flashlight taser was priced around $40. It's heavy duty & can be used as a "Billy club" if the batteries go out. I'd like to have the Patriot Flashlight in my left hand, & the taser flashlight in my right!

     HOW SATAN USES HUSSEIN OBAMA. Hussein Obama was trying to rule the Muslim countries by preaching to the Muslims "Arab Springs" to control these Muslim countries through the illegal supplies of US weaponry, but it turned into a satanic murdering of the Muslims of various cults of the false Allah of Mohammad who was a leader of a caravan robbing gang known by the name of Mohammadans just like Ali Baba and his 40 thieving robbers who raped captive NON MUSLIM women and made them sex slaves for lust of Islamic sex all in the name of the false Allah of Mohammad. KNOW THAT THE TRUE ALLAH IS NOT LUSTFUL!
     MOHAMMAD HAD NO MUSLIM WITNESS AT ALL and God did not proclaim Mohammad as His prophet in the presence of Muslim witnesses or in the Quran!!!
     Hussein Obama has desire to be the RICH PRESIDENT OF THE GLOBALIST WORLD by controlling the muslim countries and hence he travelled to middle-east to incite the Muslims in muslim countries to ARAB SPRINGED their governments so that he could get rich when he succeeded using Islamic rebels[actually ISIS in disguise as muslims rebelling against muslim countries] as his solders to usurp authority of muslim countries of those did not agree to do his biddings. Thus it explains why Obama and Hillary supplied ISIS us weapons illegally.
     DOES the true ALLAH REALLY WANT HIS BELIEVING MUSLIMS TO BECOME ISLAMIC TERRORISTS TO RAPE NON MUSLIM WOMEN AND MAKE THESE NON MUSLIMS AS SEX SLAVES TO LUST THEM FOR ISLAMIC SEX EVERY NIGHT??? I believe it is not the true Allah, but Satan who disguised himself as the Allah of the false prophet Mohammad who had lied and lied to the Muslims around the world that he was the prophet of Allah WHEN nowhere in the quran DID ALLAH PROCLAIM MOHAMMAD AS HIS PROPHET IN THE PRESENCE OF THE MUSLIMS.
     The true Allah[Father God] proclaimed 1] Israelite Moses as His prophet in the Jewsish Holy Book[Exodus chapter 19] in the presence of the believers[Israelite] of the true Allah, and 2] Jesus as His Son in the presence of the presence of Christian witnesses: John the jewish baptist and his Christian disciples and the Christian disciples of Jesus and the jews in the Matthew Chapter 3:16 and 17.   

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  • Martial law must be activated first before the take down, this is standard procedure.Capturing of 100s of the top snakes, there will be riots for sure. There are still 40% Americans believe in top snakes' ideology, just beware.

  • All these tribunals and trials if they're not exposed to the regular media with evidence and these people are prosecuted these are just words you're saying they don't mean anything

  • i always knew there was a deep dark reason for all these immigrants and i knew they wasn't Syrian refugees how does someone with nothing pay for transport or walk thousands of miles while they starve. uk is in trouble so is Europe. the people who set this going are just as evil as Hitler. i fear whats coming to the uk. we dont have guns to protect ourselves and seems these evil politicians who are masterminding this are bringing in arms for these false refugees to attack.

  • this I can say you are so right if the demorats ever get back in to power they WILL kill a lot of American  ppl  look what Russia did he killed mmmmmm of his ppl they WILL come after all of GOD children black and white I said they want to kill all white ppl  but GOD is not going to let it happen have you ever seen a white man fight for his life

  • Talk, talk , talk ! Where is the fact ? A year ago you said Obama and Clinton was going to Gitmo and they are still walking free talking shit. Can you stop with the lies and scaring people ! You need to give supportive facts !

  • I’m in Ca. All my friends will be ready and we’re of all colors!! Lock them up now for treason! We support Trump for America! We lied to for too many years!! Corruption is out of control in Ca !!!

  • I read Albert Pike's "Letter to Mazzini" 20+ years ago. Since then I've done a lot of research. I remember the line from the old guy in the movie "Shooter" with marky mark in it. "Just about the time you think you got it,.. you don't" I gauge everything on whether it furthers that agenda or not. I wonder, is Trump and honest attempt to squash the 100+ year luciferian war against humanity or is this all just part of the Pike Agenda? To pull out the "revolutionaries" so they know who to round up for "the purge" "the culling", and who are they, the left or the right? "Revelations" "Apocalypse", look up the definitions of those words, they do not signify "the end". This is biblical. The "Third Temple" is here, it's under the dome of the rock. And Trumps face is on the half shekel required to enter along with King Cyrus. The BOOK has already been written, we're just along for the ride folks. It all has me kind of "tribulated". PREPARE – PRAY

  • Damn Straight!!! I don’t want there to be a “Civil War” here in the United States, but I don’t see any way around it! The Far Left is lying, and stealing and driving the middle class to extreme steps to survive and their families good!

  • America is the Enemy against Jesus Christ God of gods. This Plan of defense is just A Natzi state not different from Spectre.
    I hear no reliance on Jesus Christ God of gods. With out Jesus Christ God of gods rule. America already
    REPENT spectre John 3:16.
    Hell is waiting for you.
    Captain Jesus Incarnate Son of Jesus Christ God of gods

  • Texas has its own power grid, independent of the rest of the country. We set it up that way just for scenarios such as this. The DS can't turn ours off, and if they try, we'll just pick them off one by one, like ducks in a shooting gallery. What fun that's gonna be.

  • Martial law is not good. Military is so infiltrated with illuminauti. Whistle blower soldiers voiced in martial law they are trained to round us up deliver us to fema camps and chip us. Unnerving also is Trump's son in law invited to join buildaberg meeting this year. At this point I trust no government official.

  • will the MILITARY, no matter what !! stand with OUR PRESIDENT ?? BECAUSE ………….. it seem's everyone seem's to turn their back's on him, A N D especially OUR C O U N T R Y !! WE AII NEED TO STAND BY OUR PRESIDENT, and LOVE
    our COUNTRY !! this is a war, that is I N S I D E OUR OWN COUNTRY !! GOD, BLESS OUR COUNTRY !!

  • Zublick trying to scare everyone so he can make more money from flashlight promo. The idea China would attempt a land invasion is ridiculous, China isn't stupid. Trump does not want a civil war either. A civil war is NOT going to happen. Q is very clear Where We Go One We Go All, that includes the left. The Left are being woken up. The mass arrests when they come will be swift, when we least expect it, and peaceful. Moves and counter moves. Game Theory. Patriots already won. Grab your popcorn, enjoy the show.

  • This stupid jackass is telling people to PREP for a grid down situation with a flashlight, The only preping u can do is have a passport and a foriegn residence , oh yes and a flight. Flash light and food water and guns gonna get u killed.

  • Sorry, this is just a ridiculous theory. The Chinese are not going to invade the West Coast. They cannot even support taking over the South China Sea with their ridiculous 9 Dash Claim. Just logistically supporting a Chinese California invasion would be impossible. You are sounding like the insurctionist on this video.

  • Your “truth”!information is worthless. None of the things you have reported on ie: Obama in custody begging, you being picked to report on military tribunals, etc. JUNK JUNK JUNK

  • This being an emergency and you advertise? That takes the power out of your words. Don’t be like that. You won’t get anyone to believe you right from the start. Dam all the crap you always try to push on everyone. Say what you came on to say and stop that nonsense. This is a so-called emergency and we get your selling. Say it or shut up.

  • David : wen we are christians why do we ned firearms, !!!. The bible tells us if we die in the Lord we die, if God saves us from death before Jesus comes, Praise be to God, does God tell us in His word to kill to retaliate, No !!!, God doesn't , God says in His word those who kill by the sword will die by the sword.
    So why are you telling us we must have firearms to kill our enemies !!!, this is to come before Christ's 2nd Comming in His greatness, David Zublick.

  • There is no levels of treason or corruption or crimes. Treason is treason. Corruption is corruption. A crime is a crime. This is directed towards individuals, corporations, hollywood, big pharma, city/state/federal governments, music industry, etc. Those perps need to be prosecuted with extreme prejudice.

  • California is almost completely Chinese Communist Chinese Communist want to invade on San Diego seaport. Leaders in California alledgely have been promised high positions in the new Communist California. California won't obey laws. The LA Times is owned by a Chinese Communist

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