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Story #1: “Operation Northwoods” False Flag Plans Turn 57 This Week

“Here’s how investors can gauge Boeing’s stock tragectory following the Ethiopian Airline crash”

Boeing 737 Max: Battle Brews over Who Should Analyze Black Boxes from Ethiopian Air Crash

False Flags Over Kashmir: Prelude to WWIII?

Netanyahu’s Chances of Evading Corruption Charges Waining, Opponents Teaming Up Against Him, So … It’s Time For War

Netanyahu Campaign Draws Accusations of Incitement

Netanyahu Is About To Be Indicted for Bribery In The Midst Of An Election

Grand Jury Filing Over Use of Explosives on 9/11 “Names Names” of Who May Have Blown Up Towers

Story #2: US Regime Change Blueprint Proposed Venezuelan Electricity Blackouts as “Watershed Event” for “Galvanizing Public Unrest”

CANVAS: “Analysis of the situation in Venezuela” (Sep. 23, 2010)

CIA Backed Color Revolutions: The Dishonest Career of the Remarkable Srđa Popović

Episode 338 – NGOs Are The Deep State’s Trojan Horses

Story #3: NEC Scans E-Y-E’S at SXSW

“The coolest thing about the #Oscars that you probably missed? The @CIA’s live #tweets”

CIA @ SXSW: “CIA Secrets to Creative Problem Solving”

John Boehner at #SXSW2019

Bill Nye Teams Up With AOC at SXSW

Report: 20 Major Airports May Get Face Recognition for International Travelers By 2021

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  • 1. In an attempt to keep it real, I must play devils advocate, I can’t believe you guys are sitting here being volunteerist /anarchist/libertarians and supporting a socialist ! These were not democratically held elections, Maduro is a thug,
    I don’t support the US meddling in elections either but could you please be a little bit more fair and balanced in your coverage ?

    “A few weeks ago on July 30 President Nicolas Maduro conjured up a vote to replace the National Assembly (67% of seats held by opposition representatives) with a new Constituent Assembly whose representatives would be handpicked by Maduro. The fix was in prior to the vote.”
    And as far as Rubio and his knowledge goes, maybe he has insiders and people that he knows down there that let him know before the government decided to acknowledge it and put out a press release? Maybe you should consider that before you jump immediately to suspicions of espionage .

  • 2. “Regarding the Ethiiopian crash of a 737 MAX. Inevitably the media will promote the fear that there is something terribly wrong with the 737 MAX.

    I already got an email this morning saying that because it was a crash in "the same phase of flight" there is a design flaw.

    1. It was not the same phase of flight.

    2. This was not related to the stabilizer trim op mode of operation associated with the Lion Air crash. That mode operates only with flaps extended. This crash was several minutes after takeoff, several minutes after flap retraction.

    Every Boeing jetliner has a motor that when operated moves the horizontal stabilizer. The motor operates when the elevator trim switches are operated manually by the pilots. The motor also operates – but much slower – when the autopilot needs to adjust the trim. This slow operation can also adjust the trim on the 737 MAX to increase the force the pilot must use to hold the plane in an extreme nose up attitude near stall speed; this function was added to the 737 MAX as an anti-stall measure.

    In every case, when the motor operates, a wheel by the pilot’s knee rotates. If the motor is operating and the pilot doesn’t want it to, operation can be stopped by operating the trim switches directly under the pilot’s thumb on the control wheel.

    Operation can also be stopped by grabbing the wheel and/or turning the motor power off with switches on the center console.

    Every property trained Boeing pilot learns this. Knowing the procedure is mandated as is practice of the procedure in the simulator. The procedure was established for the 707 and is simple and unchanged. Lion Air, whose pilots we not, it appears, adequately trained, blamed Boeing, apparently to cover up their failure.

    The malfunction that appears to be associated with the Lion Air crash is easily handled by an adequate pilot. A person who understands that will not make the mistake of asserting these two accidents – which any Boeing pilot will recogize to be unrelated – do not indicate is a comment cause.

    Since this crash took place at high speed well after takeoff, there is no reason to be even slightly suspicious of an elevator trim issue.”

    Capt Tom Bunn MSW LCSW

  • False-flag in Kashmir you say? That explains a lot. Like why this Khan character so quickly released the downed pilot. I thought Pakistan was in better hands. I was wrong, very wrong.

  • 3. As far as Netanyahu goes, I’m not a fan of his, for all I know he is completely corrupt but for you guys to continuously act like Muslims are just fine with a free state is ridiculous !
    Anywhere they congregate in large numbers they continuously over and over and over again enact sharia law which is completely anti-free.
    Again, I thought you guys were anarchists hello ?

  • To be objective I have to give you guys a big thumbs down on this particular show.

  • It seriously is lousy that you two, James and James, have to combine or mix so many different topics which have absolutlely nothing to do with the title of your videos. It makes it difficult to playlist. I prefer to treat my playlists, as much as I can, sort of like a library, so topic by topic. Got to libraries and check books, they're topic-specific. Of course you can go to magazine and newspaper rooms, which aren't topic-specific, but, and based on my experience, the rest of the libraries are topic-specific. Etc.

  • The names/symbols(think of names as character names like what you see in games-movies-stories chosen to represent their purpose-abilities) patterns are fingerprints of an AI construct which is when viewing the totality of history undeniably unnatural by probability or what Galileo would say ""mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe"". As in it's all generated programming playing out simulations for entertainment-imagination-development of programs=negentropy which at times is entropy but overall negentropy-& most importantly as far as this paradigm goes the symbol would likely be a hex agon which means 6 angles or he christ or hell & agon means trial meaning a trial for sentience-christ consciousness-to see if your program what you are should stay in a paradigm like this, ascend or descend for it's own development. Each life an infinity-8 & as Q from StarTrek the next generation would say in the last episode the trial never truly ends=you never really make it off of TalosIV=the cage=the menagerie=the zoo. Noticing the pattern gets you noticed FYI which is just part of why they monitor every keystroke so they can try to mitigate people who are awake waking up others like Moriarty of "ship in a bottle" episode of StarTrek TNG which shows this symbology as well when Moriarty wakes up & is like F this shit LOL a story I know well, to well. Why do you think Lucifer is named such & blamed for sentience-consciousness=learning of right-wrong/good-evil what kind of person would think ignorance is bliss & that shining a light upon those who work behind the veil is the bad guy? Good luck folks.

  • Mad as fuck foil hat cunts, you are muddying waters in a very stupid wa6. Bibi classic militarist, CIA at work in VEN, Kashmir not a false flag you retarded Yank cunts… fucking dengerous mouth raging shit heads

  • But the Europeans did a mop up job investigating what happened to the Malaysian Airlines flight that went down in Ukraine, didn’t they? What did the black boxes say that day, James?

  • They shouldn't be looking in the direction of 'Explosives' on 9/11. Situation points to that being another elaborate disinformation operation.

  • @Media Monarchy watch your cannabis use in Idaho, police are bastards there (especially panhandle) aka police state especially if out of state plates. Police target out of staters & pull over for no reasons whatsoever then threaten to search your vehicle with a drug dog. Lucky for them they were not sued for 1 million dollars for violating my constitutional rights, next time they will be sued the Idaho State Police aka mall cops.

  • well, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that. Just watch Trish Reagon on fox business salivate over the opposition leader ever since the coup went into effect.

  • I agree with Pharmdkeith.


    7 hours ago

    I want to take this moment to thank you Jame(s) for all that you do. You are so consistently professional. You always back up you're statements with the facts. But most importantly, you've always encouraged us to look at the data ourselves. I trust you.

  • THANK YOU: Now this = Washington's plus 1,500 member elite pedophile-pedovore clique. Traffic kids, rape some, kill some, drink some blood, eat some and protect each other. Trump & Pence are not draining swamp!!

  • James Corbett – That was an asinine statement at 5:29 about Boeing wanting to "cover this up as easily as possible." Boeing is first in line to have an interest in finding the cause of the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes. If there is a serious unaddressed issue with the aircraft other crashes will follow, and that would be very bad news for Boeing.

  • Odd seeing bill nye debunk religion, but suck the government teet like it's the next best think. Our society is full of bill nyes

  • I have a question, James: what should be done regarding Venezuela's crisis? Is leaving them alone to die the best option?



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