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Brett Molina from Yahoo News reports, Venezuela is suffering from political unrest, as the Trump administration and a slate of other nations look to oust socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

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  • Wasn't China & Russia offering to help Venezuela? The cyber attack is more their style. The problem is many people world over will believe the propaganda that the US is responsible. And that is fodder for the lying Democrats to blame the Trump Administration.

  • The first thing that they do when they take power as a socialist country is Ban all private ownership of firearms. So now whenever there is no food in the country, people could actually go out in the forest and hunt and kill things to eat. But since they don't have any weapons they're going to have to scrounge through the trash and we've already heard of people eating their own pets. Or they going to have to learn to build makeshift housing in the woods and how to make snares and traps so that they can feed themselves and eat the plants that are in the forest. And this is the same way it would be here if we had and electromagnetic pulse and we're without power for a few weeks. You would probably have to fight your neighbors to keep what food you have or kill people that are trying to take your food. People just don't believe that this can happen here

  • How many times are the American people going to be lied into war? Again on humanitary grounds. Perhaps if America lifted the sanctions the people would thrive.

  • People in America are ignorant ENTITLED BITCHES! Constantly complaining about how horrible their country is from their iPad while their $100 mani-pedi is drying… Ridiculous.

  • No doubt it’s terrible over there and socialism will ruin a country, but the news anchor said there is no food….just after it showed a street market with plenty of good looking produce. What’s up???

  • Socialism makes people unable to think for themselves too. Someone said in a comment here that they saw a video where people were fighting over toilet paper. Why????? What did people do before toilet paper was invented???? They used leaves, magazine papers, corn leaves, etc. Why fight your neighbor over stuff you can get by without?? In the US during the depression, people were creative with their lack of resources. I’m not saying Venezuela doesn’t have it hard, but why depend SO MUCH on the government to take care of you when you are able to find other ways to take care of yourself???

  • We need to stop going to work and stop paying taxes. We need to protest in the millions and show up at the White House, and demand these socialist Democrats step down, or do nothing and become another Venezuela. Cortez and other Demonic Democrats are pushing that Green Deal that will cause us all to starve. Either we do something now, or face the consequences

  • This is exactly what the sick communist democrats want for America: Starve them to death so they don't have the energy to fight the Deep State's plan to abolish the U.S. Constitution if the skin color and genital civil war does not kill them all beforehand —-leaving plenty more resources for the elite criminals in the federal government. With the majority of American voters dead, the plan to import Mexicans and Guatemalans for cheap labor will continue unabated collecting welfare and voting for the sick democrats.

  • Two growing seasons , not a desert land why would this occur? So their government can beg USA tax workers to support their COUNTRY. Israel a desert land turned their COUNTRY into a land of food and honey. Funds received are for military equipment so they can stop evil from attacking them. GOD BLESS
    Their leaders need to invest into farming food rather than cocaine and weapons IMO.

  • This is the Green New Deal for everyone to see. I'm sure their Carbon footprint is minimal. There's no farting cows if there's no food in the first place either.

  • And here we've got the likes of Omar & Cortez bitching at Congress about a 1% cut in the massively bloated school budget because "1 out of 5 children in America are going to bed hungry".
    Where THAT happens if at ALL would happen in Dem run shitholes overwhelmed with millions of illegals on welfare, food stamps, Sec8 & Medicaid of course.

  • Huh, looks like downtown Los Angeles to me, either that or Portland. Gosh. I hate to be satirical here, but it’s gotta be said. My sympathies and prayers to all those affected by communism’s hammer and sickle. Simply sickening. Hope Venezuela can pull itself together soon.

  • Of course they are going to blame the USA. They sure aren’t going to blame themselves. The Demorats want this, they’ll do anything for power.

  • AOC is both dumb as a brick and bc Bernie is now pushing this, is also a mouthpiece for the globalist zionists running the entire show from behind the scenes.

  • How would anybody in their right mind want these horrific conditions for their people. How heartless NO compassion for human life. Truly an awakening to what socialism can do to a country. You would think these US mileminas would wake up and understand what socialism really is. They can't see past their need to be taken care of so they don't have to take care of themslves. There are NO FREE rides in life.
    Roses have thorns.

  • Electricity is needed to stage a cyber attack, no electricity no can do. The transformers are exploding because of the lack of maintenance or the use of the wrong parts. Who knows, maybe the right parts were in the trailers Maduro order to burn.

  • Anybody making sure that ACO, Omar, and that other woman, I forget her name, have seen these pictures? even better still why don't we send them, all three, to Venezuela to live there check for a few months and learn first hand what it's like to live in a socialist world.

  • Hey. Look no further than that Socialist State run by Communist/Socialists rebranded as Democrats, California. Just look at Los Angeles. Look at San Francisco with human feces everywhere in the streets among needles and trash. Yep brown sidewalks, a fitting tribute to retired governor Jerry Brown. But wait, it gets worse. Coming to a state near you. Look at Portland, just look at it. Look at Seattle. Look what happened to Detroit and Baltimore. Don't forget Chicago bath house troll Barry Obama's stomping ground. Yep. Socialism is nothing more than a redistribution of wealth Ponzi scheme to take from the people to give to the Global Plutocracy. After all, they were the ones who created the scam. Call it just another rich man's trick.

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