August 18, 2019 Trump ignores Congress to sell more weapons to the Saudis…


  • Zionist US is clearly Israeli PUPPET did you ewer seen Israel to respect the international common lows ?? – the puppet is – evil – just as the master criminal Israel

    Trump the stupid Israeli Deep state PUPPET /// Trump the Toy – president with Nuclear bombs and missals — Dangers war pig Zionism –

    TRUMP THE TOY – PUPPET PRESIDENT /// the Zionist Bloodthirsty Israel is the Puppet master

    US is just a Zionist Israeli Puppet






  • I think Congress approved Iraq Invasion. Ron Paul we need to Hop off here & you can be President of Texas. Texas is it's own Country. Google it. Texas was taken over by the USA like Iraq & Iran. Illegally. We can Exile the Entire Bush Family. We have the Texas flag & it's the only Flag I'll ever wave. The USA Flag is to Bloody for me.

  • America has fostered enough enmity between Iran and the Arab-Israeli coalition that America does not have to fight this war directly.
    Arms sales to Saudi Arabia will help 'milk' the oil-rich country.

  • the usa is a fucked up mess,, looks like the fall of rome,,except the wee little dicks have more destructive toys to play with,,and the time cycle has hugely accelerated,,same goofy flawed human nature ,,I would like to ask one question tho,,are any of these war mongers heading to the front line,,?i didn't think so,,, all war mongers should be obliged to serve on the front line of any war they have instigated,,this would include their cheer leaders,,the war mongering mass media,,a simple little rule that might help these losers get a better grip on actions and consequences,,

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  • Why is it that everyone in the region knows fully well that the Americans are supporting all fighting sections regardless  ???? 
    I am sure this is not what the world wants .
    The terrorism in  the MiddleEast has been because of the Wahhabis ., but it seems money buys every thing. !!!!!
    Fascism is behind all wars and wars do not have winners. !!
    Rest assured in the unlikely event of the American/ Israel attack, the countries in the region would become united .

  • It's really bad when you start Realizing Obama's Policies were Better than Trumps. This should be an Easy win for Tulsi but they'll kill her if she wins.

  • If there is a war with Iran it will be triggered the same way the US has always triggered wars: by pressuring their target into taking the first shot; this was done to start nearly every war the US has waged and is a proven and accepted military tactic to engage targets that are considered "threats" to the United States Empire but refuse to take actions on their own. I know for a fact this was done to start the civil war, to get the US involved in WW2, to give the US a reason to invade Iraq and likely many more wars if not all of them. That old adage about history being written by the victors is more on the nose then people realize or are willing to accept, the truth is nearly all of the US history that is taught through the government controlled public school system is carefully curated to make the US appear as heroes and only as heroes which is not true of any nation and never will be. The only reason this has changed in our Universities is to seed division and get us fighting each other instead of our real enemy: the government itself. People need to stop caring about being right all the time, stop being so emotionally invested in their current beliefs and wake the fuck up or we are ALL royally fucked.

  • You see how the Democrats are not using their real Fire Power. It's because this has all been arranged. Trump needs them to do this so he can execute his true plan. He was on the phone with Hill & Pewlotski rapping thing up. The only difference between Obama, Hillary & Trump is Trumps worse & he got to be King of the Deep State instead of Hillary.

  • When Trump was elected my original guess was he's got three and a half years and I'm sticking by it and for the same reason he just has so many people that want to Whack Him! Although I also thought the pressure would get to Trump but apparently I was wrong or that he seems to be reveling in the circus of the White House makes me think of that movie The Truman Show

  • "The Constitution supposes what history demonstrates, that the Executive is the branch most prone to war and most interested in it, therefore the Constitution has with studied care vested that power in the Legislature." [James Madison]

  • I wish you had won your presidential bid Dr. Paul, the world would be so different. But your work inspires and has a lasting impact on many people (myself included).

  • This happens because the apathy toward the constitution continues among the people and in DC as does the American people letting government run on auto pilot in between elections. Till that changes it will only get worse no matter who wins 2020 and beyond.

  • Why do you say Trump foreign policy? Why not call spade a spade and say that it's the US foreign policy since the Sr. Bush days? Policies have not changed but the faces have.

  • what's really scary is California and Nevada are being slammed with geoengineered chemtrail poisoning compliments of fat International bankers Rothschild United Nations wannabe New World Order dictatorship. Creating massive debt slavery. all wars are Bankers Wars who knows what they're putting in those canisters very very scary. They are not to be trusted.

  • Ron ive loved you for years and years. Your the reason I ever got involved with libertarian activist groups. Like the one who petition here in Oklahoma.but you've lost all my respect endorsing Tulsi. Your not principaled if you'll endorse someone like that. Trump's is more libertarian on all issues then her and has done a great job keeping us out of wars. Idk what your thinking dude. I'll support your son but I'm done with you. Your not as principaled as I thought. I'm not saying Trump is some great libertarian but he's governed in a way that is more libertarian then we will ever get (unless Rand wins in 24) and you endorse this socialist chick? Why Ron why. They both don't like war bc it's expensive but her idea is to put it back into social programs and expand the governments power. It's not like she's sayin let's bring the troops home so we can get out of debt. It's more like let's bring the troops home so I can really spend on welfare. Trump isn't mister "save money" either but damn he's better then her. Very very disappointed in Ron. Thank God for Rand

    BTW Trump's excat words "I Don't want war with Iran" if only you went after Obama and Clinton the way you do Trump.

  • I won't say Trump wants to go to war with Iran, but Trump isn't stop the military complex. So Trump just as bad as them. I hate how Congress isn't trying to stop the war, they rather fight for the wall and #Russiangate

  • Greetings Dr.Paul
    Thankyou for your
    LIBERTY REPORT broadcasts!
    Can you please explain the significance and Dangers to world " Peace" in relation to:

    China's 95 % Rare Earth Minerals ?
    And U.S. 80% import of China's Rare Earth Minerals ,
    Which Supply America's advanced Technology Manafacture and Markets ?
    in Addition could you also report on Irans Recent announcement that they no longer plan to export their Uranium supply?
    And the implications of Both China and Iran's witholding Earth Minerals and Uranium ?
    Are these Possible reasons U.S. is ramping up media 'Military Action ' tensions ?

    Love your Broadcasts!
    True Journalism !
    Best Wishes

  • Anyone ever notice Ron NEVER says anything about the Zionist's involvement? I recon he and Rand try to accomplish what's right without pointing out the obvious. It would only end in their demise.

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