Guest: Whitney Vosburgh

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  • I love this guy. Whitney is keeping it real and accessible. I think so many have been brainwashed by the LOA…and let's face it we all can't sit and collect passive income from internet businesses . Livelihood and life! A rewarding hobby ..yes!!!!!! Wholeness….not wanting anything is the sweetspot and available from meditation. You will know when you experience it and all will become clear. Best wishes for your new ventures Kevin

  • @16:36 as somebody famous said…"we can forgive them for they know not what they do…"

    if we are born in a fairground, we are blinded to the surrounding country side…only a few wander…


  • Thank you Kevin. Mercury retrogade, we all feel it, seems like nothing is moving forward… but is it realy? All is not lost, perhaps all your work is a spring board towards something else. Try not to think your way through but feel your way through in a practical sense. Sending lots of light.

  • its a good tip to have a dual path. that bit is a good cautionary. there's the love thing and making money in the matrix thing. yes some merge them but it takes some real thought about how to satisfy those two masters. you kind of train wrecked Kevin but it was good that you did because your not the only one wondering about this stuff. we live in an age of destructive change to many old ways of doing things and the new is not stable. microcosm of whats happening on a planetary level. i had to do a dual track but in the money track its a little related to my passion so its not as bad, sometimes even good. πŸ™‚ good luck

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