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  • If anything happens to this guy there are a lot of us that are going to demand answers. We’ve seen this scenario too many times to put up with it anymore. We have a voice now.

  • There is an online community investigating the Kappy situation… Just like with Kappy if something happens… Your message will spread like a virus creating more people spreading your message and information. Taking down 1 sprouts 300 more. Have faith in universal law.

  • I pray Almighty God give his angels charge over you and your family, to keep you safe in every situation and crown you with PEACE as He teaches you to TRUST HIM with your life.

  • That phone thing is really creepy.
    But not as ghoulish as whoever is sending it. Tormentor.
    The really, totally cool thing is that God is so much more than that ghoulish, creepy it thing attacking your phone.
    Remember, nothing…no thing, weapon formed against you shall prosper…nothing! And never forget to call upon the name of Christ Jesus…there is power in Him and His sacrifice. And protection. He is our banner.
    Praying Dustin, praying.

  • 👍 Stay the course! Be disciplined, be strong, be cautious/aware, ⚛ stay vigilant, stay aligned with the God of good/justice/order/love.., fear not! Cheers! ☝️

  • I'm not sure if you've addressed this in prior videos, but have you gone to the police about these phone calls?? You're being harrassed and it should be reported. Even if they do nothing about it at least it's on record. I would be scared shitless receiving phone calls like that. Also, don't forget your family, Dustin. Your responsibility should be to them first and foremost. Your wife and babies need you. Everything else, including the movement, is secondary. As important as you think your role is in this narrative, it will never surpass the importance of your role as a father to your kids and a husband to your wife.

  • We stand with you Dustin! WWG1WGA. I know ur not religious but the power of prayer is real. Ask and you shall receive. 🙏 they are trying to install Satan in you with the phone calls! Stay strong.

  • you want protection? take my word nothing will happen to you or your family if i am around. i am fast eagle eyed and quick on the trigger. i am ready to move as soon as you give the word.

  • Dustin, they arent going to get you physically, but they might mentally if you let them scare you. You are just a man on YouTube, look at all those ppl who go to conferences and speak out for years now, they are still alive and they are doing even more damage than you are. Stay public, keep everyone aware of anything weird going on, record any strange ppl around your home, learn self defense, be very vigilant, have friends close, know your enemies and be prepared at all times.

    Do you know that guy on YT Will Power, his name was Qanon8chan? He lives in Florida's Panhandle theres a group there you might like to meet. Super cool ppl. Maybe you guys can hook up and he can help? Just a thought.

  • you are no good to your lady or your daughter if you aren't getting proper sleep you are only hurting yourself your brain will not function ptoperly without sleep you should know that! go to bed you could have posted this later in the day. go to bed!

  • We the people are with you and God is with you when you ask him to be. We fight a spiritual war, of good verses evil. We can not fight this war on our own. We must have God on our side. He will be the defender and our armor. He is our savior!
    The enemy is pure evil, but God is stronger than all the evil. We all rely on him to keep our parts together.
    You need his peace, so rest in him and gather yourself for the fight. WWG1WGA! We will do what ever we can to help!

  • Nipsey Hussle was Isaac Kappy'd before Isaac Kappy got Isaac Kappy'd.
    Apparently Nipsey knew some medicine man that claimed he could cure terminal diseases holistically… the medicine man was even challenged in court about his claims… some accused him of being a fraud. Medicine man appeared in court, and won… without a lawyer. Medicine man beat the systems in two ways. Nipsey was going to tell the medicine mans story in a movie or book or something… then, well he got Isaac Kappy'd.

  • Big Pharma is evil.
    the great men of the earth deceive the nations with their sorceries (pharmakeia)

    And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. Revelation 18:23

    The word 'pharmakia' has been translated to mean "sorcery, magic arts, witchcraft" and religionists have taken liberties to twist this to mean drugs, whether street drugs or life saving drugs.

    Many religious leaders have led their congregants to deaths door by dictating to their members that pharmaceuticals are sorcery and against God.

    Many children have died because of their parents beliefs and because of the pressure of religions that dictate such nonsense.

    Do you not find it odd that scriptures would lump fortune tellers, idolaters, fornicaters and witches in the same sentence with those who try to give comfort in illness and treatment to save lives.

  • I Enjoy your say on matters, I really do, but I have to say that I think that you have stepped over the line (in the good taste dept)

    by saying that you are worried about the possibility that you may end up "getting kappy'd"…

    We just lost Isaac kappy not very long ago, and I think that out of respect for all he put on the line

    to get the truth out there, we could show some respect by not using his name in a negative way…

    Especially by earmarking it as the latest catch phrase, expression, or whatever you wanna call it, concerning his being murdered. (I don't believe at all that he was suicidal.)

    I think about Isaac often, and with only love, gratitude, and the utmost respect he so very much deserved.

    This may seem like a nit*picky detail to dwell upon as far as most people are concerned,

    but we need to remember that a little respect goes a long way,

    and each and every word we think, say, and use in our everyday, conversions with others (and when just thinking them to ourselves)

    have power beyond what our still small, dumbed down minds can probably comprehend at this point in the "game"!

    we are only beginning to understand how these low vibrational, disgusting, Satanic parasites

    Gain power and control by feeding on our many vulnerabilities, fears, and naivety of how their black magic And overall negative occultism works against us – it just isn't cool!

    With all the dark demonic forces already working quite strongly against us, I firmly believe that we need not use anothers good name

    in such a manner that relates an individuals name to evil doings, darkness, and the like.

    With utmost respect and loving gratitude to those whom have been taken before their time-all in the name of truth and Transparancy,

    Pray for these fallen heroes and don't forget to pray for your own salvation –

    Enough said…


    Holly from Saint Paul, Minnesota 🇺🇸

  • We support you Brother, I believe the general in public would. Don't sweat the small stuff, even death threats, keep up the great work. We know you aren't suicidal.

  • 👬👭✳💠👭👭💠👬I just want to note this again for support of Autism Specialist who then would serve as a healthcare team member on committees at hospital so valuable✔💠✳🍀✔💠✳🍀✔💠✳🍀OK 🍀✳💠✔ a note🍀 American Hospital MISSION; goby🍀🍀🍀 "Shamrock Philisophy for Care " 🍀🍀🍀As a hospital arena worker, I know according to Joint Commission Hospital Acredidations JCHA standards it is mandated via LAW that every healthcare institutuion must have people employed with multi- langauges talents :French Spanish , Italian, African, etc because when an individual gets a surgical procedure he/she must sign signature for medical liability! The individual must have oral explanation before signing!✳✔💠✔ OK follow me: Autism is a spectrum of langauges that needs interpreted TOO! SO IT SHOULD BE MANDATED BY LAW TO HAVE AUTISM SPECIALIST @ EVERY HOSPITAL TOO, THEY CAN INTERTPRET THE LANGAUGE FOR THE AUTISTIC PATIENT!👪👭👬🙆🙇👪👌I have advocated this principle since 1995✳✔💠✔✳✔🍀👌

  • Your already infiltrated in my view, just like the 9/11 movement……..BEWARE and keep your head on a swivel (not like Adam Schiff's bowling ball head on a toothpick). I would hire a friend or PI to do surveillance on who's looking at you, and im sure someone is, you just may catch them.

  • Try joining Manna World Trust guy on Tommy Williams and Lucid Dreamer channel and get funding for humanitarian projects etc. His team working with Trumps team on financial system. He's fighting tooth and nail.

  • When you get a chance listen to Bob Marley and the Wailers, matches our times and future "GET UP STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS" So many parallels but uplifting thank Q

  • Dustin! Q will have your back if you’re being threatened with harm to you or your family! This happened to Kelli Ann ofKelliAnn Hub News. She let the Q people know. You can do this thru Twitter or going on the Q board. Please let them know. Get a message to Abel Danger ( Field McConnell)

  • Dustin, they cannot harm you unless you authorize it through evil thoughts, acts and intentions. There is a cosmic law in play here. Just keep doing what you're doing, working in service of humanity with light and truth, charity and community in your heart. Continue to put service to others before service to your ego and you will be fine. You've been given insight, a keener truth meter in your spirit and the courage to act. It's a blessing, not a curse to have a meaningful destiny. Keep reaching out to and networking with the inspiring truthers out there, so many now with integrity like you. All of you speak for us with a clarity and intelligence that most of us lack. And together all of you are tipping the balance. That's why we keep you and those like you in our prayers. The future is light and love, not dark and fearful. WWG1WGA

  • Vetericyn kills MRSA. This stuff is amazing and works on me as well as on animals. Wounds heal twice as fast. Burns do too. Touch a hot oven door? Spray this on it. It won't hurt any more. I've never seen anything else like it.

  • God bless you, Dustin. My prayers for you and your family. For your big sacrifice, It is a big one, all the time, it was getting started. I'm just only a Kraut in Germany. But i want you to know, that you are a vip player in this game. But i hope they won't higher up the limit to "No Limits". I guess we all see how scared you are, how frightened. But still brave, honest and with clear words of wisdom. And you have a friend in me, dude. Just waiting for instructions 😉 #ThankYouForService #wwg1wga #GermanAnon #GodblessyouPatriot

  • I think all your bases are covered through all your powerful connections. They should be more than well equiped to provide protection for someone who is such an important client at this point dont you think? Make them help you. If you win this you stand to make them a lot of money, they can at least keep you safe.

  • Stay strong and stay safe. Keep your family out of any vids. Stay positive times are nuts. Much love to all. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️💪🏻🖖🏻✌️🐾🐾🐾🐾

  • Whatever you do, don't go non-profit 501-c3. That's an agreement with the government that you won't say anything against a political figure or endorse a political figure. It's how the Dems gained control of churches and silenced them. It's censorship. LBJ gave the church tax-exempt status if they would be silent. They were tricked by LBJ and Dems. Now ppl want to write off charitable contributions off their taxes. It's a hoax. Christians are leaving the "institutional churches" and starting home churches. If the rights of the people are taken away, then the church will go underground.

    There is a "non-profit status" that some have opted for. I don't think it's tax deductible. Anything tax deductible relating to practicing one's beliefs is suspect.

    If you can, listen to Mark Taylor. He's been on the Blessed to Teach Show recently. The last 2 shows were amazing. You can check out Rick has show transcripts there. Mark has a website. I think it's You can find out more there.

    We'll be praying for you and your family. Keep us posted. wwg1wga Blessings.

  • "I will lift up my eyes unto the hills, from where my help comes. My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth." Psalm 121:1-2

    I would suggest you read Psalm 91. We gave it to our military troops when they went overseas.

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