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  • It is not that Hebrew is backward and upside down. Our language is backward and upside down. This is how theyve confused our language in Babel (or Bible).

  • Social media was created by a guy called Micheal Mckibben until it was taken from his company handed to doosh bags like Zuckerberg who is nothing but a geek who is used as a face for Facebook. It's utterly ridiculous to think Zuckerberg created anything. Look up Micheal Mckibben.

  • If you follow or support a political party….you are NOT awake……….If an alternative media, say on youtube, is supporting a political party/person….they are mainstream……I think too many people have gotten the impression, if they are on youtube, they are alternative media…….But alternative media, can still be and in most cases, still is mainstream…..It's a trick……Pay attention.

  • David Icke
    Not much yet out on the Ebola pandemic taking place currently in neighboring countries of the Congo! Perhaps you can do a video update! Governments hiding the coming terror!

  • What will change anything? It’s all very well to understand what you’re saying but you never say how things can change. Everything you say seems that all is a fait accompli. The story is preordained.

  • Lately there has been a misinformation campaign on alt media to convince the woke that Marxism is the threat but the world's central banks, BIS, and the families that are behind all of this shit are NOT Marxist! Marxism is a dead ideology.

  • I dont agree with or believe everything Dave says but the fact they are trying to silence him makes me wonder what part of what he says is accurate? Blood drinking lizards? Fitting description either way!

  • It's been ten years since I chose to awaken. Experiencing the unfolding on the scale it perpetuates itself has been awe inspiring to say the least. Here's to another ten sir. sips hot frothy beverage

  • The Q psyop, Trust the Plan, was to cause Trump supporters to stop watching what politicians were doing to the country, while the Zionists controlled Trump, giving Zionists total control over the US.

  • Absolute visionary…

    I remember first hearing about him more than 10 years ago, and thinking "HE'S CRAZY!"
    But the more things develop and more time you take to actually listen to him and meditate on the substance of his talks the more sense it all makes!

    You are revealing truths to the world long since forgotten Mr. Icke!

  • Truth is treason in a world of lies , Want proof , just look at the Assange shit show. I have watched you for decades , and you are dangerous to them . Be Careful my friends.

  • The world must awake to the fact that the Khazars/Zionists are descendants of Nimrod, Cush, Ham…from Kenites, from Satan. 5G destroys microbes in the gut, which is where the immune system is. It destroys brain cells, breaks DNA, causes hallucinations, fatigue, cataracts, cancer, allows for Voice to Skull transmission where they can put someone else’s voice inside the brain of the targeted person. Read Brzezinski’s book, Between Two Ages, where he talks of 5G technology that can destroy the brains of entire population of a region of the world. He quotes a scientist, that by 2018, technology will be given to leaders of major countries to conduct secret warfare.

  • It's because he isn't a politician – he's a businessman. And he has opinions on everything, and speaks his mind. And the MSM can't deal with this, because he is not a Spin Machine. He's real, he's human, and he has Twitter, even if he hates their CEO.

  • Not so much anymore but, I really get " miffed " when people say that they are " TRIGGERED " .
    That word has a special meaning to me. I have had severe PTSD since the 90s and that word has its own meaning in the world of medicine.
    " oh,I am TRIGGERED by what you think "
    I could really go off every time I hear that coming out of the mouth of some idiot that knows nothing about being TRIGGERED.
    I am PTSD, having learned to live with it and keep myself from acting out against myself or others has been the struggle of my life.
    Just like stealing the word gay or qweer or the rainbow.
    Why is this allowed by such a small minority?
    People are ignorant.
    Have a wonderful day.
    A day full of wonder.
    I don't choose to have this problem. I don't wear it proudly. I just live with it and fight the good fight with it every day. I live and I love but not in the same ways that I once did. That is the price of a once proud servant of my country. ( the nwo) I have been woken up by the experience!

  • Path to nwo goes
    from NY Khazarian Ashkenazi bankers to Washington DC AIPAC.ADL.SPLC. ACLU Ashkenazi Freemason Illuminati,
    to London Ashkenazi Rothschild bankers, to Rome Jesuits, to Jerusalem Rothschild Zionists, explaining
    Anti Semitism slur.
    Ooops. Revelation
    (The Unveiling).
    Great Awakening has begun……..

  • First they will make people disappear in the virtual world, and next they will make people disappear in the real world.
    Imagine one day one of your friends has just vanished, then you go to the police where they will tell you that your friend has never existed.
    All of his records in their computers have been deleted as well, so to the police he simply doesn't exist and never has.

    If you go on insisting that your friend did exist after all, then they will tell you that you're mad.
    They will put you away in a lunatic asylum where you will get killed.
    This will then be labelled as "suicide".
    To the police their computer is like a god, they will tell you that "the system" couldn't possibly make a mistake.
    You questioning the authority of the all mighty all knowing system will make you look like a mad man.

  • EXCELLENT kev! please let his new book be all about 5G! please let his new book be all about 5G! please let his new book be all about 5G! please let his new book be all about 5G! please let his new book be all about 5G! please let his new book be all about 5G! please let his new book be all about 5G! please let his new book be all about 5G! please let his new book be all about 5G! please let his new book be all about 5G! please let his new book be all about 5G! please let his new book be all about 5G! please let his new book be all about 5G!

  • A figure of fun after The Wogan Show, but as in many things when you actually listen to people you see beyond the BS.

    Saw him about 30 yrs ago in Southport and keep coming back for more.

    We need the outliers, the fringe , the radicals and the free thinkers now more than ever.

  • Australia is completely owned by the elite now along with Scotland (trump owned) .Australia made a huge mistake banning David from an entire country as this will only create more fame and notoriety….good haha 🙂

  • David has always warned us of the crazies in charge…. my question is what are you doing to spread the word of truth?…. like are we gonna do and make change now or after david is gone? What ya say people?

  • One more question I have is…. how does david only have 600k subscribers? Can you say deception!!!…. this man should have 7 billion subscribers

  • I read your books and you expanded my consciousness. Keep going like this and don't let no one get you down. Even if everyone is laughing at you today but tomorrow it will all look different. Because the truth always remains truth no matter what the others think, say or even do. You are very welcomed! Remember, there are many people who are afraid of the truth. That's why they want to prevent you from speaking openly with everyone. Keep doing a great Job! Thank you for everything David!

  • Yes, we are “Points of Infinite Consciousness” from The Oneness – and those furthest from the Point of Union are those lost in the illusion of matter and setting themselves against their fellow Beings. The

  • Its a little bit important for me to know if they really are going to kill 91 procent before 2021, They say it but is it totally sure now, I need to KNOW so I can make LAY UP plans or not,I promise I wont stop the dying process if somebody tells me The truth, I Always felt like an alien here and I just want to get away, so knowing they are going to kill me is like a SIGN FROM MY specific GOD its a SIGN That True Love really exist beetwen alien and human, I know its wierd But it is The only love I Ever know, like somebody sees my blood sacrifices and my black angel.. Inside and my prayer and my starvation for the all might how I woul sacrifice my kidneys my heart for this alien UP there, I dont care about money I love him because of the energy of his he must feel me and he had to hear my prayer see the people try to rape me in The forest but I escaped then I did an bloodsacrificen next they, nobody know whos blood it is or why I must felt my anger an despair so he led people to the Point of totally massdestruction and The death of mine because my chaos i sade made him burn inside made him bring the Demons die to destroy me, OH my GAWD if this is tru I FREAKIN LOVE THOSE GUYS WANT TO KILL ME SO MUCH IF NOT BEFORE 2021 IT AINT LOVE ITS AN blood faliure this is so important for the stars the Demons the giant people to make The balance right now my heart is weak but my soul is burning from insideout

  • Well, I don't always like the truth unless, of course, david icke is telling it. = ) Knowing the truth doesn't actually change the truth though. lol

  • You turn if you want to , my opinions are not for turning syndrome .
    You speak the truth , and honesty challenges authority .
    Frakeing , G5 , blood lines and the banking system , these are the very topics that are exposed .
    People are no longer blind to a system that use it's citizens to gain control in a system that fails and hurts the very people that put them there , drip feeding fear to divided a world with false accomomy .
    Being obliged with uk propaganda , NHS , police , class system …

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