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This June, France is hosting the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the biggest event in women’s football. In a special edition, we take a look however, at how the women’s game still lags behind the men’s. We talk to the world’s best female footballer, Ada Hegerberg. In a surprise move, the female winner of the 2018 Ballon D’Or will not be taking part. The Norwegian striker tells Annette Young why she walked away in protest at what she calls the lack of respect for women players.

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  • Even the best female football player isn't any better than a teenage male. Of course, they're going to be paid less. It's nothing but a lesser version.

  • How many women do you think look at this and see inequality? I'd say less than 20%

    Remember when a bunch of fifteen year old boys beat Australia's national female football team? The very fact they are getting paid 40% is way too much.

  • Teen and subteen boy soccer teams routinely beat adult female professional and national soccer teams.

    Just like male soldiers routinely beat female soldierettes.

    Women are only "equal" when given special privileges.

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