August 17, 2019 The House of Representatives passed the Equality Act by a vote of 236 to 173, banning discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.

The Equality Act is one of House Democrats’ top 10 legislative priorities of the 116th Congress. The bill (HR 5) now heads to the Senate.

Eight Republicans joined all Democrats in voting Yes.

Watch the full debate here:


  • This isn't about equality, it's about making LGBTQ people SUPERIOR to the rest of us. LGBTQAAIPXYZ×&*$! already have the same rights as everyone else.

  • Sodomy is a sin in pretty much most of the religions.

    Why legalize/de-criminalize it and attack long held traditional family values and institutions such as marriage for an agenda?

  • Mr Collins is correct.

    Leave it to 10A & the States of The Republic:
    The People to decide what is right for their own individual' State Constitution/ legislatures.

    What about NAMBLA/pedophilia, child-rape?
    Surely, Congress could strengthen those laws that allow heinous criminals walk free.

    BTW, when is Anthony Weiner going to register as a pedophile , now that he's free-man?

  • LGBT are mentally ill. they are delusional. they deny the truth..over grown cry babies. Its like choosing to be the fire truck instead of the fireman. He can drive his car thru red lights, park anywhere..and the house will pass a bill, yesiree firetruck just do it. We will make a law to protect you.

  • It will be a disaster if this bill gets passed by the Senate and signed into law. It's a bill that is utterly tyrannical and will threaten parental rights and even the freedom of speech and religion since now the federal government will threaten any organization that doesn't cooperate with transgender ideology. That is not "equality" in the slightest, that's tyranny.

  • This is yet another slippery slope non-discrimination of sexual preference. Right now the the LGBT agenda is pushing to make pedophilia a sexual preference

  • In my opionion its unfair to girls/woman when boy/ men are in their sports. Sports records are gona be all messed up and won't be correct for future generations.

  • If men want to identify as women, they have enough problems but the line is to be drawn at the point of sports, professional & amateur (Title 9). BTW, the LGB – "T" is listed in the DSM-5 as a mental disorder for those who are tempted to believe that "T's" are like everybody else. Some psychiatric casualties need restrained just like the Democrats who voted for this "feel good" but dreadful bill.

  • Not into queers.Sick sexual deviants that need to keep their genatalia business behind closed are making us all sick.Men who are proud of being mounted and penetrated like a farm animal are sick as fuck.

  • We have thousands of citizens living in tents while our country is being overwhelmed with illegal immigration. This is what you finally pass? Get to work for the rest of the country you vote pimp do-nothings in congress.

  • The best tittle they could ever hope for is approcreationally handicap.
    Cant build famlies
    Cant build armies
    Nature and society have no use for them.
    Protecting damaged good is an insurance failure. Its a total loss.

  • Scroll below if you want to read intolerant and seriously uninformed commenters. Read gender law journals which give scholarly data about the discrimination against people of non-binary genders. Furthermore “religious freedom” propped by right-wing media and politicians is farce. Those bills reward a privilege to employers and businesses to discriminate persons on gender based on the assumption of religion, which is totally contrary to the notion of religious freedom. Religion is not a justification to deny employment or service to persons based on sex or gender.

  • This Bill has zero chance of seeing the light of day. So no need to get all outraged. I swear the news and most media in general makes most of it's money stirring outrage on the Left and Right.

  • "Motor Mouth" Republican Doug Collins from Georgia needs to slow the fuk' down when he's talking, not that anyone gives a shit what he's saying! Just saying!! 😲

  • So do they get special right that over come my own if I run a religious establishment and I turn down a gay person because it goes against what my company believes they can now sue me and force me to hire that person!

  • omg we already have to explain to our kids why a man is in the womans room now we have to explain to them why never mind omg veto veto veto trump or ill never vote for you. these people are sick individuals. nasty and discusting. businesses will fold across the nation…get rid of these democrats next election or your gonna have an epidemic on your hands.

  • Rom 1:18  ForG1063 the wrathG3709 of GodG2316 is revealedG601 fromG575 heavenG3772 againstG1909 allG3956 ungodlinessG763 andG2532 unrighteousnessG93 of men,G444 who holdG2722 theG3588 truthG225 inG1722 unrighteousness;G93 

    Rom 1:19  BecauseG1360 that which may be knownG1110 of GodG2316 isG2076 manifestG5318 inG1722 them;G846 forG1063 GodG2316 hath shewedG5319 it unto them.G846 

    Rom 1:20  ForG1063 theG3588 invisible thingsG517 of himG846 fromG575 the creationG2937 of the worldG2889 are clearly seen,G2529 being understoodG3539 by theG3588 things that areG4161 made, even(G5037 G3739) hisG848 eternalG126 powerG1411 andG2532 Godhead;G2305 so that theyG846 areG1511 without excuse:G379 

    Rom 1:21  Because that,G1360 when they knewG1097 God,G2316 they glorifiedG1392 him notG3756 asG5613 God,G2316 neitherG2228 were thankful;G2168 butG235 became vainG3154 inG1722 theirG848 imaginations,G1261 andG2532 theirG848 foolishG801 heartG2588 was darkened.G4654 

    Rom 1:22  ProfessingG5335 themselves to beG1511 wise,G4680 they became fools,G3471 

    Rom 1:23  AndG2532 changedG236 theG3588 gloryG1391 of theG3588 uncorruptibleG862 GodG2316 intoG1722 an imageG1504 made like toG3667 corruptibleG5349 man,G444 andG2532 to birds,G4071 andG2532 fourfooted beasts,G5074 andG2532 creeping things.G2062 

    Rom 1:24  WhereforeG1352 GodG2316 alsoG2532 gave them upG3860 G846 toG1519 uncleannessG167 throughG1722 theG3588 lustsG1939 of their ownG848 hearts,G2588 to dishonourG818 their ownG848 bodiesG4983 betweenG1722 themselves:G1438 

    Rom 1:25  WhoG3748 changedG3337 theG3588 truthG225 of GodG2316 intoG1722 a lie,G5579 andG2532 worshippedG4573 andG2532 servedG3000 theG3588 creatureG2937 more thanG3844 theG3588 Creator,G2936 whoG3739 isG2076 blessedG2128 for ever.G1519 G165 Amen.G281 

    Rom 1:26  For this causeG1223 G5124 GodG2316 gave them upG3860 G846 untoG1519 vileG819 affections:G3806 forG1063 evenG5037 (G3739) theirG848 womenG2338 did changeG3337 theG3588 naturalG5446 useG5540 intoG1519 thatG3588 which is againstG3844 nature:G5449 

    Rom 1:27  AndG5037 likewiseG3668 alsoG2532 theG3588 men,G730 leavingG863 theG3588 naturalG5446 useG5540 of theG3588 woman,G2338 burnedG1572 inG1722 theirG848 lustG3715 one toward another;G240 G1519 menG730 withG1722 menG730 workingG2716 that which is unseemly,G808 andG2532 receivingG618 inG1722 themselvesG1438 that recompenceG489 of theirG848 errorG4106 whichG3739 was meet.G1163 

    Rom 1:28  AndG2532 even asG2531 they did notG3756 likeG1381 to retainG2192 GodG2316 inG1722 their knowledge,G1922 GodG2316 gave them overG3860 G846 toG1519 a reprobateG96 mind,G3563 to doG4160 those things which are not convenient;G2520 G3361 

    Rom 1:29  Being filledG4137 with allG3956 unrighteousness,G93 fornication,G4202 wickedness,G4189 covetousness,G4124 maliciousness;G2549 fullG3324 of envy,G5355 murder,G5408 debate,G2054 deceit,G1388 malignity;G2550 whisperers,G5588 

    Rom 1:30  Backbiters,G2637 haters of God,G2319 despiteful,G5197 proud,G5244 boasters,G213 inventorsG2182 of evil things,G2556 disobedientG545 to parents,G1118 

    Rom 1:31  Without understanding,G801 covenantbreakers,G802 without natural affection,G794 implacable,G786 unmerciful:G415 

    Rom 1:32  WhoG3748 knowingG1921 theG3588 judgmentG1345 of God,G2316 thatG3754 they which commitG4238 such thingsG5108 areG1526 worthyG514 of death,G2288 notG3756 onlyG3440 doG4160 the same,G846 butG235 (G2532) have pleasureG4909 in them that doG4238 them.

  • Oh my gosh government needs to stay out of everyone lives this is ridiculous stop imposing your views points on businessmen or the individual is the minority, not this bullshit.

  • If I read the nasty comments from the so called overly religious people in the US I'm so happy I don't live there. People should accept people the way they are without judgement.

  • How about you myob and fuck off for starters.
    Stay out of everyone's bedrooms and wombs…. ah Republicans being measured for their jumpsuits.



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