House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) answers questions on an anti-Semitism resolution to be debated and voted on in the House. Regarding comments made by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), which have been accused of anti-Semitic comments, Speaker Pelosi says: “I do not believe that she understood the full weight of the words.”


  • I have a couple of friends that say anti semitism is not a big deal anymore. I'll direct them to this comment section so they can see what jewish people have to deal with every day.

  • Let's put this on the other perspective. What if President Trump said exactly what Omar did? Could you imagine the Democratic outrage?

  • Two years and accomplished nothing…..what the Hell is Congress ? We're paying for them and the Witch Hunt….shoveling money out the door ! Build the Wall and lock everyone up !

  • What a horrific spin job. Nancy Pelosi is so mistrusted nobody in their right mind believes a single insane word she says. OMG Nancy Nonsense says: Omar said it but she didn't understand or intend to be anti semetic. Now that is a real belly laugh. Epic Fail.

  • Omar wasn't criticising Israel but american citizens and saying they have double loyalties. For all you guys like pointing at people and calling Nazi, you don't seem to remember well what real Nazis used to say.

  • What the fuck its okay to say kill white men, kill black men, kill latino men, but you cant talk about the kazarians?? There not even Hebrew, America and its Noahide Laws are worse than Sharia Law….at least Muslim respect Jesus as a prophet…The assholes are gonna kill us if we do not deny Jesus is God!

  • I dont think Omar meant it as antisemitism. Bur her world veiws are askew and she should not be in congress let alone on foreign affairs committee. As long as its not Sunni Muslim they are fine. But the orthodox islamists are way too radical.

  • Nancy Pelosi is not Jewish so I’m pretty sure she was just trying to be neutral with her caucus who disagreed. She honestly didn’t find anything offensive just like the majority of smart people. Especially if you watch the entire video.

  • Will someone please get Nancy some Fosamax, calcium chews, or a take the bone generator off her head, and place it where a spine should be on her. This is why people are leaving the Dem party in droves.

  • Semite – a member of any of various ancient andmodern peoples originating in southwesternAsia, including the Akkadians, Canaanites,Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs.

  • OK ya, we I hear we have a lot of israeli spies. and I don't wanna have israeli controlling all our banks, commodities nvestments, and cyber security, but what about all the Chinese, British, and Mexican spies? I mean like half our mass media companies are owned by foreign companies and billionaires aren't they?

  • A white man entered a South Carolina church and killed 20 black parishioners. Not so much criticism and over hype by media etc. why now .

  • "The country that does not stand with Israel including the citizenry and the entire government which includes said freshman congresswoman will fall and be judged by the same GOD in whom speaker Pelosi claims to have abiding faith. I believe Speaker Pelosi has lost control of her House. A house divided against itself cannot stand. You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything. Please Madam Speaker you are the Boss. You need to earn your respect, by rooting out the evil in the House. You disrespect all the lives who have been given freely to defend this nation. Stand up for the flag and let"s all ring the liberty bell. I yield to Madam Speaker and request respectfully that she Stand up to for our Flag and show the love of our nation by practicing the leadership role she was elected to.

  • Does it come with bite and ousting of subsequent violators.
    Or is it another Pimp Pelosi smoke and mirrors arse jiggle.
    *So far, all I'm seeing is a jiggling arse!!*

  • If she is so naive that she (at her age) didn't understand the full weight of her hate-filled words then it occurs to me that she might be just a little under qualified to be elected to congress in the USA. If it had been anyone else in congress there would not have been another chance for such a 'slip up'. Why is she so coddled?

  • Her comments had nothing to do with Israel!! She said things about mostly American jews!! She didn’t criticize Israel politics nor policies, her comments were libels that were used way before Germany, way before Israel was even established!!! Wtf people, substitute her comments with other ethnic group and see how that sounds!!

  • When are you stupid asses going to stop accepting the lies from those Jews? Jews are NOT, are NOT, are NOT from Shem. So how in hell can there be any antisemitism when speaking about them? They are from Japhette…yes Japhette NOT Shem. Learn the truth, their language is Yiddish not Hebrew. They came to the land following King Bulan after the Hebrew-Israelites fled from Israel because they we being killed by the hundreds of thousands by the Romans with their powerful army! The Jews went into that land and begin to convert to the belief of the Hebrew-Israelites and claim that they are the chosen of YHWH, then they gave it a name called Judaism. Which has absolutely no meaning to the Heavenly Father YHWH!! They, like Trump, are liars and they know it. They originate from Turkey and Georgia and possibly the caucus mountain region. The bible says that they are from the synagogues of Satan Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9.

  • When are the weak ass Dems going to pass a resolution on the things that Trump says? You're quick to go all out against a Dem of your own party but I haven't seen any laws or anything in writing being put forth against Trump's words!!

  • "Antisemitism, Anti Islamophobia, Anti White Supremacy", Anti Christian, Anti Catholic, Anti You, Anti Me. . . What kind of feckless laws will result from their goofy resolution? Laws that could mean nothing or everything at the same time are bad laws. It would be a heavier boot on our necks by the Congress.

  • Anti semite?
    So that means someone who is against the Akkadians, Canaanites,Phoenicians,Mandaeans, Chaldeans,Aramaeans, Nabataen, Tigrayans,Ugarits,Argobbans & Ethiopic? 
    Or does that mean anyone who speaks Ugaritic, Aramaic, Phoenician, Hebrew, Akkadian, Ge'ez, or  Arabic?

    I have yet to meet an anti semite, but hear about these mysterious beings often.

    It seems to me like it's just a buzzword meant to stifle free speech & control thoughts

  • Bernie Sanders backed-up Ilhan Omar. And, so this means nobody is ever to criticize anything Israel does? No matter how wrong Israel does? The irony is that even in Israel not everyone is agreeing with Israel’s polices.

  • Pelosi is saying it's ok if they are racist bigots and anti semetic and true haters of anyone who disagrees with the democrats…. Just don't you say or do anything wrong .. You will be ruined , fined, jail or just ridiculed all over TV news every night… Remember the democrats can be the only Nazi's in town …



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