Several reporters asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders about President Trump’s comments regarding Democrats’ handling of anti-Semitic comments. In this exchange with Jim Acosta, he says, “Democrats don’t hate Jewish people, that’s just silly. It’s not true.” Sanders says Democrats should call out their members by name.


  • White evangelist love power so much they are willing to be defenders of evil and corrupt administration to keep it. Judgment is waiting for the Huckabee family.

  • CNN is snakey with their questions. The most absurd thing is how people cant see how they ask questions in such a way to push blame while fueling hatred in the brainwashed viewers. They ask questions NOT to get answers. But rather to push ideas into the weak minded.

  • This, the last two years, has all become rather embarrassing for our country, internationally. Even allied gvmts no longer treat Americans well. If I could vote in another election today in the best interests of my country (and even the world, it seems) I would DO IT!

  • All this racism crap! Let talk the real issues KILLING BABIES UPON EXITING THE wound of a woman it is murder ANY TIME. LETS BE CLEAR ZIONISM DIFFIDENTLY RUNS EVERY ASPECT of the world ALONG WITH THE VATICAN (Not Judaism or Christianity).Judaism is not ZIONISM & Christianity is not the masonic VATICAN OR n.w.o.

  • That so clueless so over the top reporter from CNN has No class. It's disgusting is it any wonder anymore why Nobody trust the news. Excuse me I apologize CNN hasn't been News scents Obama got elected there King.

  • Why? Should he lower his rhetoric
    to PLEASE your fucking
    Democrats have USE
    Jewish Americans,
    OPEN your Eyes
    and go back to ISRAEL
    THEY will MISS the
    RATHCLIFF in the UK
    did it
    NOW they don't have
    He went to MONACO

  • The GOP , Trump & Sarah all lack credibility in calling out any bias as they are dividers not uniters. They can only stress fear , not optimism.

  • how about donald trump calling adam schiff "shifty". the trope of jews being considered 'shifty' is pretty well documented. is anyone calling him out?

  • Pro or Anti….I don't give a shit bc WE have a right to chose, & say so!!
    I DO give a shit about WHO's paying Perverted-Pimp-Pols n Media-Whores to lie–thieve–traffic–run drugs n guns, a lawless legal system–hijacked agencies–phony EPA–CDC –IC–Military + the rest of their deceptive Satanic-Commie filth colluding to destroy a GREAT Country!!

  • No one in the Democratic Party is Anti-Semitic. That's a fact. Some have just opted to reveal the truth:

    But its not the Democrats as much as it is the new generation of Justice Politicians on all sides who are uniting to protect the very Constitution that founded this nation, before it's too late. They are all playing the game of cloak and dagger against the people, but we see through their tricks. Smearing is the only move they have left, throwing dirt and preying it sticks.

  • The republicans can't call out Trump on any of his comments over the 8000 lies or insults. However, Democrats are suddenly suppose to do that about this one thing, they feel they are superior moral ground on.

    Republican and democrats are both a joke but this presidency will be judge more than any other before. The amount of things that were declared "normal" or not a big deal, is insane.

  • The party of hate, intolerance, anti-antisemitism, race bating, class warfare will never apologize. Most leftist demcorats hate America….. period!

  • Nobody should give a shit about anything a hypocritical liar like SHS or trump has to say. The day they're run out of office on a rail can't come soon enough. How dare the GOP try to claim the moral high ground while they thoughtlessly and unquestioningly follow the orange morally bankrupt idiot currently squatting in the WH.

  • This goes out to ALL those WHO condemn CNN and ALL mainstream media. You like the German people during Hitler's DISTRUCTION of the Jews. Defend a man who is the living incarnation of ALL Dictators past and present. Regarding Putin, Crown PRINCE of Saudi Arabia, North Korea, etc. As honorable believable people over our OWN intelligence community is treasonous. U'al are the most illiterate people in our Country.
    Most if not all of you are SO LAZY to read books, articles, or listen to people who are investigating reporting on the repukans. U'al are bent on distroying THIS COUNTRY. Like ALL repukans you have NO TRUE FACTS and must shout at those who try to give reliable facts. While Democrats will offer APOLOGIES for incorrect info. The WH and the repukans in offices WIIL NOT. The propaganda spread is orchestrated by the KOCH BROTHER'S MAFIA. They are the leaders of the LIBERTARIAN FEDERALIST SOCIETY who got their ideas from the John Birch Society. Which has spent billions of dollars over decades to indoctrinate the foolish, like your selves. They have infested the polictal GOP party. The dumpster DID NOT pay for his campaign.
    The main funding came from the Mercer family. They brought you Breitbart.
    Through Steve Bannon with the Mercer's billions. The dumpster's campaign was failing. The Mercer's offered their financial support. Using Steve Bannon and KAC who were very close with the two of them. Bannon and KAC were the lighting rod for the raise of the Elite propaganda. PLEASE read DARK MONEY by Jane Mayer. Which is available at the library. Read her book DARK SIDE and articles and The New Yorker magazine. KOCH MAFIA'S inductees are 400-500 of the RICHES people in this country. These people have NO DESIRE to assist the regular voter's. In fact DESTROYING the CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS and DEMOCRACY is THEIR GOA. PLEASE availe yoursef of the etiology of Charles and David KOCH. Those who financially support this HATEFUL SELFISH SELF CENTERED ANTI American democracy. There is a REASON they have been SECRETIVE. That they have flown under the radar. Purely for the sole coveting of THEIR FINANCIAL prosperity. At the cost of OUR FREEDOMS. While lying smoky eyes SHS chirps about the killing of fetuses. She defends the dumpster with her LIES and checkable propaganda. There is SOOO MUCH info regarding what I say.
    As a Born Again Christian who reads and know God's and Jesus's words. Knowing THEIR decrees and Commandments. Will challenge even Pastor Graham on his comments regarding the dumpster.
    Go ahead dispute and challenge me.. I will plummet you with facts and truth.
    Thanks for your time. 3/11/2019. Beaverton OR.

  • Jim Acosta… we heard Ilhan Omar say her words very slowly, & very succinctly…she knew exactly what she was communicating to the Congress & the whole world. You, Mr. ACOSTA , CAN NOT CHANGE THE CRITICAL UNDERSTANDING OF HER INBRED HATRED OF ALL PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT MUSLIM, THAT INCLUDES YOU TOO, JIM!

  • And The Tide Pod Press along with all the Brain Dead Comments here only supports Einstein's Theory Of Stupidity when he said " There are two things that are infinite, the universe, and stupid People, and I'm not so sure about the universe."

  • When all else fails, mention baby killing. Fucking hyperbole bullshit, is what that is. I don't think a Republican can figure out how to weigh lead on a brass apothecary scale.



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