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  • What is the name of this product. Ireland wants the God damn name. I NEED THIS PRODUCT NOW. Your being selfish. You are looking after your own Zublick. Human beings live in Ireland too ya know. Give me the name. Be human and share this knowledge before more of my friends die. This could potentially save lives here in Ireland. I will donate to your channel. Please.

  • If this is so great, why not put up a link where people can order this item? I always miss call in programs due to work. A link would be much more helpful!

  • A miracle. Miracles do happen. What we need is action. We need to get in the fight for the legacy, the next generation. Before 2016 I was never a Republican, nor am I today. What I am is pro America, which places me dead against the far Leftists. This is a no brainer as they continually hurt our country and threaten our freedom and way of life, liberty, and the pursuit o happiness. It saddens me to see how they have lied , cheated, and literally steal to & from the American people that elected them into office. It is way past time for government reform. The Trump Administration and the Military Intelligence have strived to clean out some much rotten to the core very corrupt, bad individuals in every crevice of all the alphabets, government agencies, and get the reigns on the Federal Reserve which in 2 years with all of the resistance has been a phenomenal feat thus far. Yet the task at hand is far from over, as you see the urgency to remove POTUS and the AG have the leftist frantically working hard on that then working to help the American population. Between The treasonous plot to unseat this dually elected President, the seditious, false propaganda reporting from the mainstream media and newspaper periodicals, misleading information to brainwash every trusting American is in my eyes an unforgivable act of mistrust that should relinquish their assets and send them packing, literally off the air! We should all be insulted by the reporting of all of these networks big and small, no longer doing investigative reporting, feeding us their appointed narratives of the day ordered by the head of the snake Cabal/ 6 families that own 90% of the medias. The false flags and staged bad actors, literally staged reporting, total lies, if not to pull stuff out of context to serve their narrative. I am more than fed up. The worst part is , such a huge percentage of Americans know NO better. Only the people to ask the question or do the research or have been shared the factual truth know any better. We are not as stupid as they , the leftist, believe us to be. It is wake up time people. There is a revolution happening right under your nose. Who cares to join the fight. Lift up your heads. Be proud and claim what is rightfully yours, if not for yourself, for your children so they don't have to raise their children enslaved to the 2030 agenda NEW WORLD ORDER‼️Their plans are not hidden, just not being told. Open your eyes, research, and share your newly found knowledge. The truth shall set us free. This is a Worldwide event! Look and see. Wake up! WWG1WGA

  • As you said you are one of three journalists allowed at GITMO during the treasonous trials. SOOOO WHAT’s GOING ON?????????

  • Kimo is a 100.BILLION business. it does more damage to your body than good, and when the Cancer returns, their are no cure, and you Newer will see a Doctor or their close family members ewer use Kimo, they know. The Germans are curing Cancer with heat 43.C.+. and Oxygen, that is a well known killer of Cancer-cells. CBD. Oil is also very good, but they wearies in quality and strength.

  • Watch this video!
    So i can direct you to go watch my other video.
    Where i will spend 30 minutes selling you on joining a conference call,
    where we might tell you what the f'n product is!
    Dude is little more than a carpetbagging infomercial talking head.
    RSO works. I'll stick with that until we find out what miricle this guy is selling.

  • This conman has kept people waiting for over 12 months for this cure, how many people have died since then??? Bitter Apricot Kernels plus Bromelain kills cancer DEAD!!!

  • You have been diagnosed with wannabe and bullshit. Let's up date your video about Obama pleading for his life at Gitmo and telling tales. Does you inside information come from your bong?


    You can stop the spread to a stop quickly,
    but the amount of toxicity thus far accumulated is still there.

    After the stoppage of the spread,
    comes living toxin free to let the blood and organs do their job to slowly eliminate those built up toxins.

    Living toxin free means no mental, or managed mental stress,
    Eating a līve organic plant diet,
    good clean, mineralized water.

    No more eating cadavers. Yep, your gonna have to give up the carnage. You can’t get health from another’s death.

    These products he is talking about can of course help speed up the process.

    But if you keep living that toxic intake/ingesting lifestyle, forget it.

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