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  • Lol.. I'm sorry, I usually like your informational videos, but it's getting difficult to take you seriously when you apply the term "oxymoron" to people. An oxymoron is a concept or a word, not a person. Appreciate your research and sharing truth with us, but you'd be much more credible if you'd take the time to edit your words before uploading. 😉

  • This is called evil socialism this is what socialism is all about behind closed doors people Auto wake up and stop folding for the Socialists or everybody will be in trouble wake up

  • Is it not enough that the baby is dead? Now they want to desecrate the remains of the innocent who have been murdered.

    Make no mistake, this is an incremental attack in favor making abortion as easy to buy as a cheeseburger…. But beyond that it clearly shows just how limitless the depravity is.

    Horrible. Sick. Shameful.

  • Satanist are a bunch of unwashed attention whoring fatties. Which is no surprise because their idols are fat stankin pieces of crap. Evil stinks.

  • The herd just can't see any of this and I'm inclined to think it's as it says in the Bible .. a gross darkness upon the people and they shall perish for lack of knowledge.. perhaps that's the lack of knowledge about the existence of Yeshua due to the truth being buried under a this ton of excrement that's fed to the herd.

  • Sir, I watch and listen to your Channel all the time and you have been completely honest and 110% accurate on every single video that you have put out. I truly appreciate you going out on a very thin limb and keeping all that are awake informed. I have no word's that I can say to voice how I feel about the Satanist, the Gays, women who are Pro- Abortion, these Transgender people who go into School's all across America and try to turn a Child of Five years old into thinking that they are Gay or to tell the Innocent Children to wear dresses (the boy's) or for the (girl's) to cut their long hair short and start wearing Boy's clothes. This is a critical time for a Child's Mind and Children are like sponges they absorb everything. I also have no word's for the Schoolboards to allow this Vile Behaviour from Gay individuals who are Mentally Challenged in some capacity as well as Perversion. I have no word's for the Parent's of these young innocent Children that are being lead to the Slaughter, they must approve or be Satanist as well. They the Government are behind-the-scenes letting all this happen, how can they not be?. I have no word's for those Government Officials who have passed such Evil, Vile and Santanic Law's. They have taken away Our Heavenly Father and Prayers, all and anything to do with Our Father and replaced him with a Thing known as the Baphomet. This Beast is a Goat that has Horns, Breasts and Genitalia of both Sexes and Satanist give Homage to it. Now why is this horrible thing allowed as a Statue in Public Places?.
    Sir, I would Spit too but I'm a Lady, very soon Our Beautiful King of Kings Our Messiah will be returning and those Baphomet Statues will melt like butter on a hot potato. Stay in the Word and have Faith, may Jesus Christ bless you and your family abundantly. -|-

  • This is truly disgusting. The fact that abortion is legal and some are so casual about it as if they are entitled to kill off what is an inconvenience for them and treat it like "female empowerment" isnt bad enough. Now this crap? Wow. Smh. Pray for all those little souls who have been ripped from their creators and disguarded as trash or used as prop in some sick twisted satanist shit. We live in a sad world.

  • It’s because they want to buy the parts for sick rituals or spells. They’ll meet God one day. Every tongue shall confess

  • Disgusting!! I live in a newer nice big house have an awesome husband in a beautiful part of the country out of the city😊 but it's all nothing and worthless without JESUS!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TILL HE COMES BACK AND PUTS HIS WRATH ON THESE CRAP EATING SATANIST!! THAT WILL BE AN AMAZING DAY FOR ALL OF US WHO FOLLOW GOD!😍😍😍🤗🤗😆😆🧡💜🧡💜 JESUS IS OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR PRAISE HIM FOR GIVING YOU EVERY DAY YOU HAVE TO REPENT!🙌🙌 🧡💜💛 GOD BLESS THIS CHANNEL😍😘

  • 'Soylent Green'? State poised to legalize human composting. ….I do not consent to human remains being composted!!! Check out the article on human being remains being composted.

  • The Satanist will be going to Delta Junction Alaska to March with their Devil Monument across the State. My sister will be protesting. The devil lovers will be starting out in front of a Church. They want the men to bring their wives and want them to convert them to Satanist. It’s part of the New World Government. What these idiots don’t realize is that they are marching straight to Hell where they will suffer things they can’t fathom. It will be instant regret when they get there. There going to see how much their God Satan loves them. It’s really sad, pray for them

  • They're lucky I don't live in america and I'm not a simple kid afraid by the rules, I would've fucked up every statue, make my own secret team buy rifles and bazookas and dig underground and destroy all the underground child sex rings, but sadly the country has no fighters, they're all sheep worshipping fake idols, eating shit cancer food and following the system and accepting everything.

  • Amen brother!!!! I can't stand satanists either….them and there damn causes, they just don't want to live by any rules or laws… God's nor man's!

  • Adrenachrome, they literally drink blood…. and aborted baby adrenal glands is what they are after… it’s sick sick stuff, I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around it… I don’t know how God deals with all the innocent blood spilled but I know that you’re doing a great job exposing them! And in the end everything will be exposed… It’s gotta be getting close, look at the absurd world we live in, it’s absolutely absurd.

  • WEAPONIZED WEATHER( aka, Operation Blue Nile) EXPOSED: Ffffkrrrrshhzzzwooooom..woom..woooom.. Has the US military perfected a new secret weapon, which will bring the Cuba to its knees?

    This is the thing, the illuminati has always had their beady eyes on Cuba. Cuba together with Iran and N.Korea are the only counties, where there are Rothschild no central banks. So, what better way to cripple Cuba, by crippling Venezuela, a staunch ally that exports oil to that country. Some people are of the opinion that President Hugo Chavez was taken out, in order to pave the way for President Maduro, who incidentally is a Freemason and puppet of the Rothschilds. Currently, the economy of Cuba is in the hole, while at the same time the Powers that be are using WEAPONIZED WEATHER to destroy all those sugarcane and tobacco plantations- Cuba’s main exports. Weaponized weather is for real. Look what to Cali last year what with the fires. Video footage shows laser beams from the sky starting fires. Do your own research!….And if that is not bad enough, 2017 saw so many hurricanes. Why? The powers that be have designs to make Cuba comply with US policy.

    Here’s the thing, President Trump and his son in law, who incidentally is a business man too, have vested interests in Cuba, considering that it’s a good place for real estate and hotels. Now you know why, President Trump is a devil in suit and tie.

  • Call dealing with this world will make you mad I’m praying for you brother. This world is just so lost it’s crazy but love that your awakening the people 🙏🏾💯 god bless you

  • Do not hate the man or the woman for being evil! Hate the evil that exists inside them and the source of evil! That is the only justifiable hate! So basically hate Lucifer the true bastard of the world literally fatherless! He has no power over me unless I give it to him!

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