August 18, 2019 You Won’t Believe When You Hear It…
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  • They took them to Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio, I know they ARE'NT ALIENS…"THEY" ARE demons, fallen angels, nephilim! !
    Don't be DECIEVED, There Will be SOON an "ALIEN" Disclosure, ALL rhe Corrupt Media entities Will Report on this REVEAL…. "they" will have the Answers to ALL "OUR" Problems, and Say "they" Created Us!!
    & GOD BLESS!!

  • aliens are real but i dont think its a green humanoid with black eyes or something it can be different in many ways, its the government or who ever is hiding this information that can possibly protect our planet from invasion, and if the government can hide things about UFO then there can be much more things that is important to the survival of a nation or even the planet…i fine that the government should indeed NOT KEEP SECRETS!

  • The God of this world is the father of lies. The God of this world lied in the very beginning causing God of the Heavens curse upon man kind. The father of lies has caused great divission caising man kind to argue and disagree about EVERYTHING. GOD OF THE HEAVENS AND EARTH IS IN FULL CONTROL.

  • If you remember the technology that they use on there cloaking material where the material mirrors the image of its environment then you know that the reality is that these crafts are using this tech so when you see the halo around the sun just think of what is sitting in the sky right above you?

  • I think its hilarious personally. They haven't done anything to cause this much fear. They have bin here for a long time, observing. If they wanted us dead, we would be dead.

  • Folks, people don't and will not get the same info government gets or has bc we as a human race can't follow basic rules as is nor would we be able to maintain life as we know it. Could you imagine half the videos we would see on social media if they actually spoke basic truth of everything on the news? Getting the "truth" the way we are getting it is a balanced way for now. Slow and steady 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫

  • ich hatte schon Kontakt und ich weiß das es andere gibt manche haben sogar eine kraft sie können irgendwas mit dein Kopf machen und das können die die irgendwie bewegen als man kann sich währen aber das willst du nicht ich bin da durch fast gestorben aber es ist mir unbekannt das so viele sich gezeigt haben und ihre Raumschiffe allerdings sind jetzt 6 Jahre vergangen seit dem ich Kontakt hatte es ist still man sieht hier und da mal ein Ufo aber es ist still geworden ich hoffe der außerirdische hat jetzt keine angst denn als ich halbwegs meinen Körper wider erlangt hatte habe ich zum außerirdischen gesagt lass mich in ruhe wenn er sich nochmal hier blicken lässt würde ich ihn töten und seine ganze Rasse auch seit dem ist in den 6 Jahren nichts mehr passiert ich hoffe das ich nicht schuld bin das sie sich jetzt in mehren sich zeigen oder schlimmer noch durch die Worte ein krieg anzufangen mit außerirdischen also Galagtische -Ausländer es tut mir nicht leid was ich gesagt habe man stillt nämlich nicht die Freiheit der Menschen wenn du deinen eigenen Körper nicht mehr kontrollieren kannst weil er doch irgendwas gesteuert wird dann merkst du erstmals was Freiheit eigendlich ist und das wünsche ich keinen salbst die Leute die ich nicht mag das ist zu krank du denkst dann anders aber es gab noch andere Sachen aber ich will jetzt nicht alles hier im Internet raus plauderen ich hätte das eigendlich überhaut nicht Scheiben sollen aber ihr habt auch das recht zu wissen das es wahr ist na ja mir kann ja nichts passieren ich lebe ja in Deutschland bitte nimmt mich mir außerirdische Deutschland ist scheiße auch wenn ich ein deutscher bin Endführt mich los los bitte wenigsten nicht die erde ich hasse es ein Mensch zu sein ich glaube ich bin der Mensch der die Menschen an den außerirdischen verraten wird tut mir leid aber ich kann dies alles nicht mehr sehen also los Galagtische -Ausländer kommt her wer das bis hier gelesen hat ……. ja ich weiß ich mache Fehler aber ich bin nun mal ein Mensche und Menschen machen Fehler also ich ziehe mir jetzt Katzen Videos rein ……………………..

  • There is a russian book with 53 extraterrestrial beings identified in pdf you can find it online Is very interesting, and make sure to increase your frequency and vibrations people

  • Replace alien with demon,think different dimension instead of outer space,then know the Devil worshipers unleashed demons on us with a ceremony at the Roswell site and our phones and the internet is how they spread ,know it's only by calling on JESUS CHRIST and believing in the blood of JESUS that you can be delivered from these entities to do as they like with your [email protected] that's why the war on Christians……Bingy may call HIM Selassie!

  • Our world is sick and dying day by day, everything is destroyed on planet Earth nowadays, the only solution to cure our beautiful planet Earth is for our father The Most High Yahuah to send His Son Christ the Black Messiah to rescue it from Satan, and his agent's hands.  John 8:32
    [32]And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free…..    the black Messiah is coming soon with a 2 edges sharp sword to bring peace and solution in this sick mad world. We NEGROES the true ISRAELITES will get our only reparations when the true Christ the black Messiah crack the sky open.   The true Jews are us black people, absolutely we so-called NEGROES scattered throughout the world are God<Yahuah chosen people we true real Hebrew ISRAELITES Jews according to Yahuah Deuteronomy chapter 28 clearly prove the facts. those heathens bastard imposters calling themselves Jew-wish are the synagogue Satan Revelation 2:9, 3:9 those fake people in that Land calling themselves Israe-liars, Jew-wish Ish ish are Satan's worshippers, and everyone supporting them imposters are also Satan's agents. You wicked generation Caveman Cavewoman , heathens Nations the non ISRAELITES seeds are reasons the world are in such bad condition today.

  • I got tired of reading all the replies most of which are bullshit answers, taking up space! I want you to know that my father told me about watching 6 cigar shaped UFO's fly over St. Paul Minnesota one summer evening when he was just 10 years old. It wasn't only him. His parents 3 older and 1 younger sibling as well as10's of thousands of other St Paul residents also saw them (silently) slowly cruise across the sky. It was reported on the news and in the paper the next day. This was in reply to my asking him if he thought there were aliens visiting us. I am now 60 years old so this happened 70 years ago! Keep in mind that helicopters had only been invented 10 years before and certainly wouldn't have been silent.

  • An Alien False Flag Attack is what the NWO is planning to have a Worldwide Martial Law Event… It’s also ironic how Trump just happened to mention a new branch of military, The Space Force… The Martian invaders are the new Boogyman! Don’t fall for it!

  • Is this what SETI denied our group from? We lost communication with Russian scientists bc of trumps bs trash fire. Is this what was found?

  • They are letting people report on this old topic now?
    Officials have to do & be better than reporting on things like Area 51 decades after the public finds it?
    Disclosure has to be 1000% better than this…
    Release zero point energy
    Release instant health cures also decades to 100 yrs old…

  • The government lies to you about every aspect of everyday life they would have you believe your father is your mother and your mother is your father the color blue is actually the color yellow with a little bit of orange polka dots poop is really pee in toenails are actually your tongue if they could

  • No it was most definitely a ufo we have no technology that can travel that fast this is one instance where the government even said it could be a UFO and that it wasn't anything they've ever seen beforereaching speeds that were ridiculously fast in would flatten the human making corners that would kill humans this is smoking gun evidence

  • in the last part, that UFO was recorded by the chilean navy, the object was captuerd only by the thermal camera, they couldn't see it with normal camera or nightvision, they were testing the camera and got the sighting.

  • Anonymous my bro… Plz i want to become hacker what should i do plz advise me.. ي عرب اضنكم فاهمين دلوني ع موقع صار لي سنه وشوي وانا اجمع ع معلومات وع برامج لكن م وصلت لنتيجه المطلوبه؟!

    Have seen UFO once in my life with my own eyes. (2006 Danmark)
    I was 9 years old kid, and I was watching Spider-man 2 on my CD.
    Then somehow I felt or heard weird low frequency pulsating sound somwhere around house where I lived… (about 03:00 at night)
    I went to look at window, expectet to see heli or jet or something you know, real…
    But I saw Huge Disc Shaped Flying Object, kind of Transparent material with round white light glowing elements (You Know… like in most pictures, nothing new)
    It was levitating above house about minute then shaked a bit and flight away through atmosphere with a speed of sound…
    How I understood it flight throught atmosphere? Before it completely dissapeard the last FX was like a Flash in the sky, cant really explain correctly.
    Most intrugue was that I wasn't scared and went back to my bed with no worries… and unfortunately parents was sleeping, so I saw this alone, and I'm sure that wasn't a dream.

    If you want to believe, please believe, it's true. I'm not saying that were aliens or something… Maybe it was humans, maybe it's all ours shit.. UFOs are real.

  • 1:08, 3:00 – get a load of the guests' faces. It's like they get in a zombie mode. Of course they read the text from a screen, it's so hard to tell about your own experiences all of a sudden, especially without being prepared. But it's not the only reason they look like that.

  • Not only is there area 51 there is also 1800 account of a alien being killed in a crash and they buried the alien with a Christian burial. Later on someone dug it up & moved all evidence.

  • The second interviewee is lying. They know much more about aliens than they want to seem. Of course, mere people are so down-to-earth and stupid, why would governments share this kind of knowledge with them. Folks only need to know how to work and make children.

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